While subbing, subtitle editor goes back to the start of the movie?

I am no using the subtitle editor in the flash mode, because it didn’t work too well for me.
But now while I am subbing, it doesn’t matter when, suddenly the movie is jumping back to 00.00.00 but the subtitle box on the right side will be staying where it is. I can’t jump back to the point I was subbing. I need to re-load the page.
I don’t know if it happends only to one piece movies, movies not cutted into video parts.
Anyone else having this problem?

(I am operating with Linux and Mozilla Firefox)

Ik don’t have this problem with the subtitle editor so far but I rarely have it in the timer. And everytime I want to report it with screencaps it isn’t happening for a while.
I’m a mac user and I’m using google chrome.

My suggestion report it to the help center by mailing them at help@viki.com or this form: http://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thank you Dudie for the reply, but I won’t put in any request for the meantime. I had a request I wrote on may 18th and got an answer the 22nd of july. If I have time to contribute I will, if it doesn’t work out, oh well …

I just hope to fill my counter enough to keep my QC, I am at that point.

But thank you for being around^^