Who Are You Missing! Who is gone (serving) for 2 years or due back soon!😭


I love how versatile his looks are!

JUNHO! Discharged on Saturday! I was up at 3 am on Sunday until about 6 am watching his VLIVE, so much fun to watch him interact with everyone and then his buddies (rest 2pm without OK) came in! They had so much fun! I love the new long hair a lot of the guys are wearing now! WELCOME HOME! Can’t wait to see what project he does next. I need more CDs for my CAR! Why is he so darn CUTE!


Oh, I’m predicting crying in my house today. Baekhyun just announced his enlistment, By his age I knew this was coming, but my HUGE Baekhyun fan has been sad with each EXO enlistment, she’s going to take this hard.

EXO's Baekhyun says he will be enlisting in the mandatory military service soon | allkpop


I just want the rest of the members to enlist ASAP I am TIRED of feeling like a military widow :sob::sob::sob:
also WHY did they have to make Baekhyun enlist on his birthday???


I wonder if it’s going to be like SHINee, Onew, Key & Minho came back, they released an album and Taemin announces his enlistment.

I’m not sure when Kai & Sehun need to enlist by.

It also makes me wonder about SuperM, with Baekhyun & Taemin enlisting, but then again, these poor guys in multiple groups must be exhausted.


My boys ARE BACK!


My BOYS are back back back - Trailer for their NEW ALBUM




I am going to miss Baekhyun! Ah! The man can Sing!
And Taemin went in too! He droppped Advice and left us for 2 years

I just hope that BTS all go at the same time. I really missed Suga when he was out for his shoulder. The guys left his position open but that gave us a sample of a reduced BTS,.



They’re ghosting us rn :sob::sob::sob: the MV is out in an hour and we’ve not got a single PEEP out of them
Baekhyun and Chanyeol dropped this and left for the military ahhhhh my heartt


Thanks, I didn’t know when the MV comes out :sweat_smile: Now, I’m excited!


It comes out at 6PM KST :smile:


That’s in 9 minutes, right?!?! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



such a fun song!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve never been so early in my entire life :joy::joy:


I am CRAZY over the MOON about how much contact we have with 2pm. They post daily. The boys tweet, insta-tweet, Instagram, Insta-Live, VLIVE, FB and Bubble.

I hear from My Junho EVERYDAY you would think he was my boyfriend!!!


:sob: I want to be jealous but it’s okay. LOL Baekhyun said we’re like his daughters and the rest of them completely friendzoned us.
EXO barely know how to operate bubble, let alone all the others. Two members don’t even have any social media accounts. On the day of their comeback, they didn’t even go live becausse the ones who actual operate on social media are in the military :sob:. They’re all old grandpas in twenty-year-old aging backwards bodies and three year old brains. But their vocals are AMAZING; they’re so talented, their concepts are so BEAUTIFUL that can’t complain.

But I love them. Come back soon!!



Kim Myung Soo - Infinite - Come back soon - Left Feb 2021

I’ll be watching Angel’s Last Mission and Crying my Eyes OUT!


My first two Kdrama loves were Park Hyung Sik and Junho, and I was super sad to learn right away that both of them had basically just started their service. Can’t believe I’ve been around long enough now to actually see both of them return to civilian life. I have been enjoying Junho’s comeback with 2PM, but I am eagerly awaiting their next drama projects and thankfully they are both actively working on them now. There is another one whom I found early on, who was also just starting his service (Kim Sung Joo - probably someone who not very many are familiar with; not a ‘big name’ A lister), but he should be due to get out soon as well. Otherwise, I’ll be missing Kim Myung Soo in the meantime.


Happiness - Park Hyung Sik and Junho - The Red Sleeve Cuff! I love bubbling with Junho - even though he doesn’t read my txts its still fun to see what he is doing! 2pm COMEBACK is no JOKE daily STUFF on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - CRAZY



Also Missing My Woo Do Left July 2020


Kim Dong Jun :pensive:


Cutie Pie!