Who Are You Missing! Who is gone (serving) for 2 years or due back soon!😭



Aw, I hope he is doing well!




Love Gummy!!!


I take pleasure in taking revenge on @kdrama2020ali for all her Mysterious Love torture… (I’m kidding please don’t take this the wrong way :joy:)

Your gumiho is enlisting next month!


I was just going to POST you beat me! I’ll be in the corner crying for the next hour!



awww don’t you worry, I have four of my guys in the military right now… it’s tough but everything will be just as usual in… wait, I have to wait for three years?!!



I thought it was 2 years or 1 1/2 years for some! Who is out 3 years!??


No, there are two more members to go, so the wait time for a full EXO comeback is about three years :sob:


2pm did it! They made a HUGE Comeback so I hope EXO can do the same for you.
Khunnie had to wait for ALL the members to come back because he was the 1st to get back. That must have been hard!


D.O. is back :heart_eyes:

Now, I want him in a drama.


Finally Jang Geun Suk comes back with a drama since the end of his military service.



I want to give you more hearts.


Right Back At Ya! I’m in Heart Jail again!



plays Just Stay by Hyolyn on repeat for the whole day :sob::sob:
It’s okay, stay with me
By my side, stay with me
It’s okay if you don’t love me
Even if it hurts like that day
JUST STAAAY, Stay with me
Just stay STAY with meee :sob::sob:


Now that you mention it, I think I remember hearing about it when he enlisted. Were you around during the discussion of ‘My Country: The New Age’? I still can’t believe the life- and battle-hardened warrior was the same as the precious cupcake from Thirty but Seventeen.



I was watching a recent Dive Studio interview with Woosung of The Rose and it reminded me just how much I miss these guys. Half of the band is serving right now. Oops, it’s 3/4, my brain was thinking Dojoon was a Kiwi :woman_facepalming:t3:

Lee Jaehyeong - bass

Lee Hajoon - drums

Park Dojoon - keyboard


I swear Kim Myung Soo - Why - You just left!??? What are you up to!??



I read an article that minho from shinee (to the Beautiful you) will be playing a ML in a BL movie. I forgot to write the title down and right now they are suppose to be filming the movie. I hope they have it here but I bet they won’t. If I see it on NTFX i’ll keep the info posted here. Have you heard about it, too?


Special Appearance maybe - I see - in “Yumi’s Cells” ???


I have no idea if is that one, but I do remember in the article it said he was filming the movie; so I’m thinking it should be finished filming by now bc I read that a while ago. He was so very happy to take that role, and I can’t wait to see it! I love to see him acting in dramas/movies bc he’s a good actor (imo), but I DO rarely see him doing dramas/movies.