Who Are You Missing! Who is gone (serving) for 2 years or due back soon!😭


I’m actually a really bad fan. I don’t pay much attention to upcoming projects or their personal lives, I always hear about things when they’ve already happened. I’ll have to go look that up.



This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I always wondered why he did so little acting when in my eyes he’s such a great actor. I especially loved a drama I saw him in… a looooong time ago where he had mental issues, and ever since then, I admired him so much bc not only he was very young to play that role, but his role was very difficult to play, and he did it to perfection! You made my day. I just hope i see it soon.


Is this TRUE!!!???
I have a couple I would like to kindly ask if they could come home quickly


I know they recently made an exemption, or rather gave an extension to the age by which enlistment must take place - I believe this applies to anyone who is deemed to be acting as a cultural ambassador for Korea, so to speak, not necessarily just idols, but mostly it is idols who would benefit.


The headline says Exempt - that is not true - they can DELAY!!! I hate headlines that don’t tell the truth.


agh don’t trust obscure news sites… Soompi is most reliable, in my opinion.

yeah, BTS fall in the category and that’s why their enlistment is being delayed.

In other news… BRING OUR BEAGLE LINE BACK!!:sob::sob:
HOW could the Korean military, in good conscience, decide to deprive us of the entire beagle line??!! That’s just cruel.



I love EXO and Baekhyun’s motorbike impression. lol


I find this article quite lacking on information.

Didn’t everybody call the referred law the “BTS Law” or something?
Because at the time, it only benefits BTS. You can delay your military enlistment to the age of 30 if you were awarded the medal of cultural merits, which except for BTS is mostly awarded to artists over the age of 60. That’s why the law was criticized by so many.

At least that is what I remember. I can’t remember where I heard or read it, though.


And it says EXEMPT which is not true - it is DELAYED - some of them have already been doing that. I think the smart guys go early!!! Like in their early 20s.


Yeah, but right now BTS are kinda “extra-special” since they operate on a more global, westernized level. So I don’t really think the law is problematic. You have to go, in the end.

I liked Yoo Seung Ho’s approach. Reach a point where you’re quite popular and then enlist so there are people who are anticipating your return. Your comeback will be over-hyped and everyone will wait with bated breath. You resume your popularity after adjusting to everything again.

or just go before you become popular, but that’s not an option most kpop artists have.

With EXO, I don’t really have a problem with them going like this in their late 20s but I really wish they had gone in all at once so that everyone would be out in two years. It feels like FOREVER since they went in. I hate the two-by-two method. I heard that EXO themselves didn’t want it like that, but the company wouldn’t let them enlist together :roll_eyes: It makes everything so uncertain, ESPECIALLY with the fact that their contracts will expire next year.

All right, I’m sorry for throwing my pity party. Annyeong.


2 pm did it! They were on hiatus for 6 years! And Khunnie (Nichkhun) waited for all of them to come back one by one with Junho being the last! And 3 of them kept up on social media for an extended period of time. Their COMEBACK is phenomenal - and one of their songs they dedicated to the fans - when they sing it - Nichkhun sits first then each one of the guys comes back one by one to sit down as they did from their service. It can be DONE! I love even though I’m a new fan seeing how they have grown through the years and - everyone WAITED for them all! Such an outstanding group now in their 30s! It can be done and they are TOPPING the charts!


Thank you for giving me HOPE!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know they’ll do well whenever they come back but the wait is KILLING me! Especially when I see NCT drop content almost every day, I just miss EXO all over again


It was 9 years for Super Junior from start to finish, they’re still writing, producing, directing, singing, and all the million other things the members do individually. We can wait however long, for EXO to finish. I would have thought this was part of the reason for sub groups but then you’d expect them to enlist as groups and that doesn’t happen.

I’d be surprised if BTS was allowed to go all at once, it would be a big financial hit for Big Hit. I could see a group wanting to go at once but as we know from EXO they don’t have full control over these things.


As soon as I saw this - this morning I knew he was leaving! And I can’t even read his note!
See you in 18 months or so - Gumiho - Jang Ki Yong



Ok he is older and not at all off in service but he has been SO QUIET since Her Private Life

I miss Kim Jae Wook!!!


This is one of my favorite classical pieces.

His ability to sing this well and to articulate the sounds that are most problematic for Korean speakers gives him many more options in his field. That is . . . if he has a voice teacher who is not a complete scam artist.

Eastman School of Music and Hochstein Music Community School are both located in Rochester, NY where I live, and over the years various teachers at both places have been members of my church.

I have heard frustration over and over again from teachers who run up against parents AND students eager for fame and fortune before the student is physically and intellectually ready.

Julie Andrews is one “classical” musical artist I think of who had a singing voice consistently beaautiful and strong during a long, long, long career that started very early. But she owed that to some sort of genetic good fortune . . .


Look at my boy looking all serious and manly in his uniform. Would you even recognize him if I didn’t tell you it was Kim MyungSoo (L)? He’s been cast in the latest military musical along with some other familiar names.



I have no words - military uniforms are a trope - A BIG ONE!

You click on it and look at his eyes - you see it’s him!!!


Updated so they say…

Can he just not be more gorgeous!!!


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