Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?💜 DATE WITH DOOM!

While you all are waiting for the next episode, here is something to get excited about. Seo In Guk and Lee Soo Hyuk will be in a new heist movie called “Pipeline”.



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:laughing::face_with_hand_over_mouth: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: Overload! :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :smile:

You’re gonna need more than a bucket of 🧊 cold water :droplet: or shower :shower:

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Oh LORDY have mercy he looks GOOD! She says as she runs screaming because I have to WAIT

Ordered my Marie Claire June 2021 and Nam Hyuk is on the Cover - BONUS with DOOM inside


Oh my Goodness - They are Together Again!
And I like this look also for Seo In Guk! Rugged and Manly!!! Whoosh!


@choitrio this helped me thank you for the posting


Okay @anthonyparker80_342 and all the guy guys (◠‿◕)(◠‿・)—☆(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ let’s see you do that
Aish! :laughing::joy::joy:


Hey - Did I miss something? Aigoo

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Naw, it’s the way he said Aish! In the clip :joy:


He did it as HUNKY as possible! I like this clip looking forward to this movie!

I’m gonna use one of my cheesy pick up lines: READY Seo In Guk

Are you a Parking Ticket? Cuz You Got “FINE” Written all Over YOu! :heart_eyes_cat:

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While waiting for the new episodes, I’m trying to figure out how our lead couple
could have a happy ending.

If she wishes doom to the world, everyone dies but what about him?
If she doesn’t and manages to fall in love with him, the world is safe but they both die.

So I can only count on reincarnation if I want them to live a happy life together.
But I don’t like these endings. (Goblin, Hotel Del Luna…) For me, they’re not the same person.



If you have Instagram - oh Wowsers - Seo IN Guk! Me thinks that people don’t know he’s MINE what is that!!! hahahahahahahahaha!

Ok I get that too. I do see like I said a Romero and Juliet sacrifice coming. Not a family thing but how they wanted so badly to be together. She is falling fast - He is curious and not opening his heart up yet - he just wants to figure out his curiosity. However - deep down he has the capability to LOVE. He has just forgotten like with the dead flowers he is so beaten down by being DOOM.

How can they be together. Well could he somehow become mortal. Maybe she warms his heart and he is given back what he has lost.

They die together and become one together in another world. I don’t think that is it.

She is telling him that the person she will LOVE will be him so he is the one that DIES. Is that what he has wanted all along to be FREE and if she falls in love - She will want him to be FREE she will want to give him what he needs most but she will LOVE him and not want to lose him.

Ok now I’m SAD.


LOL, we’re doomed.

I shouldn’t have started this drama after Vincenzo.

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Very Funny

Aw, My Baby Babel - AW my Heart! I truly hope this has a GOOD ENDING! We can HOPE! We shall see! What could it BE!

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My Man - Waiting on you DOOM seriously why is he not in my LIVING ROOM


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the world is safe but they both die

You seem to forget that He IS already Dead. Has been for centuries, and she has the worst cancer that there is no hope of cure. She gets to live 3 months w/o treatment a bit longer with treatment. He has no healing abilities either.

That option won’t work no matter which way we look at it. Personally, I would like for both to end up together in an after life world (the one that is full of gray flowers but she brings color when she goes into it) Happily ever after.


What’s nice about supernatural is MAGIC can always happen! I am hoping for Magic but I know that there is gonna be some SERIOUSLY hard sacrifices going to happen like in 9T or Goblin

I love how she brings color back into his life

It would be too fake bc he has been DOOM for centuries and no magic can change that bc why he didn’t found sooner love that could free him from his own hell? The most logical thing an everlasting love in the after life when they die.He is finally going to be free from his Doom and can love and be loved. That is more feasible.

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That’s what I had said above in another comment he needs to be FREE - Free from being Doom he has said that he wanted to end it years ago. She has told him she will love him so he is the one who is closest to her - Is that what he has wanted all along is to be FREE and if she falls in love with him she will WANT him to be FREE because she loves him so much. She will want to give him what he wants but she will not want to lose him -

9T did end up ending with a little MAGIC - I’m a hopeless no hopeful ROMANTIC

It’s gonna be interesting to see where this ends up - I can’t wait until our next 2 episodes.

***** I love that you changed your icon to a Choosy Chick - so cute

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