Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?💜 DATE WITH DOOM!


Completely agree with you, I just love it!! the story, the characters. It’s so sweet!!!


Yes Yes and Yes - I might watch it again! :purple_heart::purple_heart: After I watch the end of DOOM Ep 6 another 14 million times


:rofl: (She doesn’t want any competition.) :wink: :laughing:



Hey Friend! I just have a very small squad of KHotties Right?

@angelight313_168 that kiss was pretty SEXY


I’m re-watching all episodes. What Kiss you talking about?

I’m pissed bc they doing what typically do in Kdramas start the romance and episodes later (they break up/disappear/ugh!) I’m so angry that it never fails.


Did you not watch the amazing ending to Eps 6 - I have watched it like 14 million times - He’s a Kiss King - drenched in the rain - It’s a beautiful thing.

I don’t think they have broken up - I thought he disappeared because he is going to forget her because he was re-set but previews don’t show that.


lmao not yet. Had to get my treatment yesterday at the Oncology Clinic, and came back feeling so sick, and we had a storm in top of that!

I wasn’t in the mood to watch any dramas, and fell asleep watching Hamilton so I have to finish that one too.

Is a medicine they give for LUPUS and ugh don’t know why it killed my stomach yesterday.


Oh my goodness - I have so many people here - in discussions etc that have chronic illness. I wish you lots of future blessings with your health.

You are in for a TREAT TREAT TREAT - you told me about how SEXY Seo In Guk is and YOU ARE RIGHT - He is in my Top 3 favorite guys now - People kept me out of the loop😪 But I know him NOW


Wishing Seo In Guk - Health/Happiness/Safety on his new project! Can’t wait! Now that I know him!!! Secrets people - people just keeping him to themselves!:rofl::fire::fire::fire:


Just finished episode 6; see what I told you? The romance can’t continue on. Here we go, going around in circle till the last 2 episodes watch. We gonna see every other character romance and struggles while theirs take a back seat. Grrrrr

He does the kissing scenes quite real, which I love about him, and there are a few more guys that has that magical effect during a kissing scene. I don’t think I’m gonna like ‘‘Pipeline’’ from what I read, and I also didn’t like the one that his grandma adored him and he was rich I didn’t watch that one either.

The best thing any actor can do during a kissing scene is look at the girl’s lips/mouth more actors should do that.


Ji Chang Wook does that well too! Oh and Marcus Chang! Let me think of some others! Maybe I need to rewatch my favs… And I am starting to see it more! But Whoosh! That kiss in the rain with wet Seo In Guk is pretty darn good!

I am still wanting some discussion on this thread! hahahahahahah!



Ji Chang Woo is number 1 in my list as best KISSER when kissing FL; then comes Ji Sung? (kill me/heal me Secret/) Gong Yoo (BIG) and then… S IGuk? (Doom Boy) since I saw him in some kind of student dramas years ago and was like he’s not an idol looking boy, but makes up with those kissing scenes, sexy looks into eyes, mouth etc… That’s why I don’t like Idol actor bc they think bc they have a ‘‘pretty face’’ they can act and put not much effort in the (kissing) scenes.


Well - I know one who is an EXCELLENT actor! And I’m not the only one who thinks so! And he’s my #1 everything…we need to move over to the “For Your Eyes Only” Thread! Yippie I got a response!


What’s his name? I don’t watch idol dramas except TRUE BEAUTY and both guys are gorgeous but suck in acting. Maybe as time goes by and they get experience. Let me see your idol actor in action; What drama?


Junho - 2pm
He has been in Wok of Love, Good Manager, Just Between Lovers & several movies!


OMG I loved WOK OF LOVE and like the guy actor and FL. I have to refresh my memory though it was a while back.


So for clarification - I found him as an ACTOR first in WOK and then fell in love with his singing, dancing - well pretty much everything! JUNHO 2pm! Not just an Idol, song writer, actor, model, dancer, singer etc etc (Super Hard Worker) oh you got me started. And I have centered a whole collection around him - Aigoo! You got me going

Sorry - Intermission on Idols

Back to Seo In Guk - well he is an IDOL too! Started as a Singer and Won a competition



When I did my post ups for photoping back in 2016 :star_struck:! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I just loved finding online photos of SIG no one else had posted to photoping :relieved: to find that one shot of any of the actors, and actresses no one else posted, or hadn’t posted in a long time, was always a rewarding adventure!


I usually find that annoying, if the side story cannot fill the shoes of the main story :smirk: neh! I just fast forward through to the main story.


I think our SEXY - Team Leader can carry off a good side story - his voice is just so seeeeeeexy!