Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?๐Ÿ’œ DATE WITH DOOM!


Episode 10 is mostly ready. Some interesting development with the second leads.:wink:



@choitrio My Heart Goes Doom




So really - I have seen complaints that their relationship started TOO fast.
Seriously when he is laying on the couch I would have kissed that boy - A LONG TIME AGO -
Just Saying!


This Drama really gives chills, as it feels very real. Park Bo Young was very cheerful and very opposite in Strongwoman Do Bong Soon, then in this. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

who agrees with me??


@leerla73 I love how you lurk around our DOOM - and your not even watching it! Thanks for your support.

Youโ€™re my Cheerleader!:purple_heart:


Itโ€™s a beautiful show - tears - chills - meaning! There are a couple of polls above your post! Please vote! Welcome to our DOOM - DATE WITH DOOM - DOOM IS IN THE ROOM - DYING OVER DOOM


I like to binge :blush:


Episode 10 was the bomb. I am so glad I started watching this drama, and in my comment โ€˜โ€˜waiting for moderationโ€™โ€™ I added ''this is the first drama that I have no clue how it will end.

Crossing my fingers, we have an ending we can all love.


Really? hahaha I didnโ€™t hear about that LOL


But thatโ€™s the beauty of this drama, itโ€™s kind of boring when you guess how everything is going to endโ€ฆ Then you realize that you knew it since the very beginning!!!


So @natyh
Yes - So I am super frustrated with the comments on MDL - Most are not positive! Then you come to VIKI and people LOVE DOOM - I have friends watching and one hates it! So Iโ€™m interested to see what happens with the overall ratings of the show!

So far WE all love it and that is all that matters but I want my SIGgie to get the recognition that he deserves. But I remember the iconic GOBLIN had issues with its ratings and the age difference issue!
I think that DOOM is doing better with international audiences like The King: Eternal Monarch DID.



@angelight313_168 I value the fact that you are loving OUR DOOM!

If you have MDL - Go post POSITIVE comments!!! I have been


Iโ€™ll do it!! Iโ€™m kind of disconnected about MDL these days (hard times at work), but Iโ€™ll do it!


I just wanna be DOOMED for LIFE!


I guess weโ€™re going to get something more from Doom and the Team Leader



YAYYY I MEAN THE GUY IS TO DIE FOR!!! I SAW THE PREVIEW FOR EP 11 THO AND I THINK SHEโ€™S CHOOSING LEE HYEON KYU TO MY UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT, Team Leader also tells her to forget the contract, canโ€™t wait for next episode.

DOOM IS DOOMING ME!!! Who knew he had such pic up lines up his sleeve


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We knew that was gonna happen!!! Dumb just plain DUMB - Has she looked at TEAM LEADER has she listened to that sultry voice - he ooooozes sexiness.

Just like MY DOOM DO DOOM DO DOOOOOOM that sexy deity


Itโ€™s suits you @kdrama2020ali


hahaha, I know that itโ€™s for @kdrama2020ali but I feel thatโ€™s so like me!! hahaha