Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?πŸ’œ DATE WITH DOOM!


Hahahah bye I’m busy now I’m on a date with leeminho.


hahaha sounds great but, I’m in a Doomed World right now!!!



Whose DOOMED excuse me! After my shopping spree and gelato eating in Rome with MINHO this morning…DOOM and I are out painting the town GREY!!!



Seo in guk I’m loving this guy too
I now got it. Why you are so crazy about him. I’m watching 8th episode now!


Isn’t he a DOLL!!! First time I have met Seo In Guk - I just love him!



Yes he is! I too love him but not as much as you love him!
Please give Minho to me ! Please


He is like a cute alien. I love the cafe guy and tak seon kyung


I just love Doom, but @kdrama2020ali knows that I can’t get over with my other sweetie pie.
Even Min Ho was defeated by him!!!
I hope I can move on soon hahaha




look at that smile!! I’m doomed!! hahaha


Just entered the heartless prison it showed 7 hrs


Yo Boy! Are you still in love! :purple_heart: He’s over in Hottie Posse isn’t he!


Yes!!! I’m still in love!!! I think that I need to move on, or probably he’s going to be my eternal love! hahaha
Of course, he is in Hottie Posse!!


No PROBLEM I already Do :purple_heart:

His smile means DISASTER




But I really don’t care!!! hahaha


I just wish that DOOM was getting the recognition as a drama that it deserves - I can’t believe people are saying it’s boring and they have no chemistry and they hate the side TEAM LEADER story - I think this show has DEPTH of meaning in it if people would just read between the lines! DEEP

I think this drama is going to bring out a huge life lesson - just wait!


But it’s just as you said, Goblin had its detractors at some point, I think that more people are going to recognize this show too.
Just wait for it!
Meanwhile we:


You guys have me CRAZY for DOOM! Others NEED MORE TIME




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