Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?💜 DATE WITH DOOM!


And because you can’t get enough of this KISS!!!

I HAVE the DOOM Song in my HEAD!!!


And the osts are just awesome


We LOVE DOOM that is ALL that COUNTS


I saw this on Instagram it is SO CUTE~


He’s so cute!!! :heart_eyes:



Do You Have a DATE with DOOM???


I’m always ready for a date with him!!





I am on episode 9…This show has all the makings of a great drama, but is anyone else as confused as I am about what’s happening? lol


I’m not caught up yet but message me your questions and I’ll try to answer once I’m caught up…
or anyone else??? Probably be easier to discuss in a private message…



My phone just told me it is READY!!!



Prepare yourself EVERYONE Episode 11 will move the cores of your heart.:sob::sob:


You can ask me too, and we’ll blur the spoiler since I finished episode 11 already and I know those watching have already watched upto episode 11… I know where your confusion must be about since the religion part is such a discombobulated mess.

discombobulate: like: perplex, jumble, confuse, confound, muddle, puzzle, mix-up, befuddle, bewilder, mystify and makes me dizzy.

Episode 12 Preview gives me the going around in circle K drama syndrome that it’s so common lately it stinks! NOT looking forward to episode 12 at all.


I am not caught up - I wanted to have a couple episodes to binge! And I’m AFRAID! I’ll bawl my head off! Seo In Guk has me over the MOON…
@sa11 and I had a convo - hopefully I helped but of course it is just my opinion - everyone takes away different things from it - especially the religious undertone - I see it as having DEEP meaning where others might not - I can’t wait to see what the true final premise of the show is - I think we are going to be in for a SURPRISE - but I hope GOOD moral thought provoking ENDING


What worries me is that he keeps saying we are dying together in a few episodes so far, and that’s worrying me a lot…I’ve seen a few like that and I hate those kind of endings… so fake.


Romeo and Juliet - I guess - but maybe not they still have a FEW to go!




E, quem não está assistindo?!:scream: simplesmente: apaixonada!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes: o que vou fazer quando acabar?!:sob: acho que o mundo vai ter que acabar!!!:grimacing::cold_face::dizzy_face:…heheheheh


Eps 9

Why oh Why oh Why is he so Devilishly HANDSOME DOOM

And OK TEAM TEAM LEADER!!! You let CAFE Owner talk to your GIRL