Why are there any incompletely translated episodes in a series?


I like the idea of a SML Club. Because some SMLs deserve the FL more than the ML. They just do.

Incomplete titles on some dramas (K-dramas in particular) was a problem about four years ago, and one one drama in particular that I was watching (and that really got my attention) had quite a few episodes go up at once with incomplete subtitles. It is called “The Guardians.” It’s not up on Viki anymore as far as I can tell.

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I saw The Guardians and I loved everything about it, except the ending. I was so devastated by it, that I was really sad for days, and was actually cursing the writer for the ending that could have been written so much less painful…:cry: I watched the drama when all 16 episodes were subbed since I was reluctant to watch it bc I had read it had a ‘‘tragic ending.’’ But once I started episode 1, I got hooked and you can say; for my disgrace.

From now on, I’ll take notes on those dramas I feel the second lead deserved the girl bc so far I haven’t seen a drama where the SFL should have stayed with the ‘‘guy.’’

I remember now! The drama START UP where they wanted A Suzy to stay with whom in my opinion was the SML, but in reality, I have to accept he was the ML in the drama. So it turns out the FL gets to stay with SML and I was more than pleased with that ending. I hope if you have a chance you watch it bc is worth it.


I saw a trailer for Start Up, with the ML and his honorary helmoni? imo?, It made me . . . what is the meme now? Two-piece cry.

The ML was shown to be a lonely, vulnerable soul in a way that businessmen are not generally shown to be in K-dramas, even if they are the ML.


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Is the English Volunteers still working on this drama?

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Is the English volunteers of Romantic Fragrances team still working on this drama?


I can speak for Scent of Love, we are releasing ep 9 today to other languages.

My laptop died and I am trying to get a replacement in the next few days. Long story short, I have now lost over 100 OST translations. :sob: The blanks are mostly OSTs and should be filled up soon.


Love Between Fairy and Devil is almost done, so I don’t understand why you are asking? I’ve edited up to Ep30 and there are ONLY 6 episodes left. And I release every 1-2 days…


Love Between Fairy and Devil is completely translated, and has been so for at least two weeks if not more, because I watched it fully. I don’t know about editing, but since the title of the thread is “Why are there any incompletely translated episodes in a series”, and this is completely translated, I don’t think it belongs here.


Thanks @trangxlnguyen_197.


I’m asking because of the percentage on several of the episodes.

Along these lines is the kind of reply I was expecting.


Unfortunately it does, the percentage on several of the episodes is the reason for my query.

The kind of reply I expected is along these lines.


1-30 are 100%. 31-36 have not been edited, but are completely subbed. What is not 100% is missing OST.

I agree. This question should have been asked directly to the CMs of the channels. This is not a discussion topic.


Thank you!

Be proud of your progress, even if it’s incomplete. The community should be able to freely talk about subtitles progress.