Will they be together? Drama Angst/Flirty Tension


I picked that gif just for you. :slight_smile:



His Nickname is PenPen​:penguin::yellow_heart:

You made my evening! It is now 2 am! Hahahahahahahah!


And I’m watching Choi Jin Hyuk from Devlish Joy! Go to BED!!!hahahahahahahah @sweetybirdtoo


He looks like he’s about to swallow Song Ha Yoon whole. Then again I also think Ji Chang Wook looks like he’s about to devour his leading ladies. lol


Got so FLIRTY - Comedic - Will they BE Together moments in the Undateables! He is so CUTE!


Oh No! Love triangle in the past and the present! 2 HOTTIES fighting over 1 GIRL
Yet - AGAIN!


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Ok without starting a new thread (cuz I really shouldn’t)
I love the like protective guy, angsty, flirty - mildly possessive (not in a bad way) like
Secret Garden or My Secret Romance or Love is Phantom or Coffee Prince or High End Crush

Any like good other troupe dramas like that you guys would suggest?? You might not have liked them but I probably would!!! hahahahaha!


Secret Garden, and Coffee Prince watched - okay
My Secret Romance - was it the hotel guy with the one night fling? Otherwise, I have no memory.
High End Crush and Love is Phantom, not watched, tried the latter one but couldn’t stand his personality, that was pretty close to being a stalker and a guy with some serious issues, in real life all my alarms would go off.

You might try

Don’t know if you watched this one, but if you watched LiP, then he counts as mildly possessive too.

Should be a bit of material for you …


Thank you my soul has been crushed by DOOM - I need something ELSE - I can’t get OVER it!
Aw, the guy in high end crush turned out to be a good guy - and Also Love is Phantom - he is actually a very sweet and protective guy, he just has a secret!
Yes - I loved the guy in My Secret Romance! Just very flirty! and The CEO Hyun Bin played in Secret Garden I love how much he wanted to be with her “beyond his best judgement.” hahahahaha!

I want to watch Don’t Dare to DREAM - I love the actor who played in Oh My Ghostess but I have to find it off VIKI


there’s no problem with starting another topic… it makes it easier for others to find it if they also would like reccs of the same genre.
Not watched any of them so I can’t think of anything to reccommend you now… but angsty guys kinda turn me off :grimacing: I like guys with a sense of humor!

The flirtiEST ML I have ever seen was the ML in DOTS… GAHH that guy drove me crazy! :sweat_smile: I was head over heels in love even though my mind told me NO.


I’m crazy for a flirty guy! The guy in My Secret Romance was next level but I loved it! Funny we all have different tastes and I like that! I don’t like abusive - put protective! And In Hot Pursuit.

I think this is the thread for that- I had started it when I started that collection! I have so many to watch.

You REALLY think he was flirty in DOTS - really! Maybe I should go back to that one even though I don’t care for the FL


Yeah, it’s so nice to talk to people with different tastes!
hmmm… I almost died after that car-save scene when he gives her his jacket “na da bwasseunikka” in that VOICE of Song Joong Ki’s :relieved: :sweat_smile: so yeah, I’d say he was a mega-flirt


That is the scene that turned me off - it was so UNREALISTIC - the one where she was hanging off the cliff??? - hahahahaha! And I don’t like SHK but maybe it won’t crush my soul! RIGHT

But the coat is very gallant -

Guy in Hot Pursuit


I don’t know if you’ll like it because it’s in the historical genre, but Oh! My Sweet Liar! has a slightly angsty general ML who gets pretty flirty when he finds out FL returns his feelings. I LOVE the way he looks at her, though; so full of love!
And every single historical cdrama I have seen has quite possessive MLs, probably due to the fact that cdrama historical villains like hunting down warriors’ wives or stealing women to add to their harems… and there are also the pretty, flowerboy, childhood friend poet SMLs to consider. :flushed:

This drama’s ML falls into the mildly possessive category. He only has eyes for FL, though, and it’s pretty funny and cute to watch especially the beginning and the ending. There’s almost no politics because ML’s family is really nice. Mostly action and mystery.


Got that boy is a Gumiho and the boy who made a bet (but might like the girl) triangle


i always ship a weird combination or what is very well visible.
like the cafe owner and his first love in doom at your service.
the only girl in the whole guy friends in hospital playlist and the her food buddy. i ship them soo much.
the lost guy in the heirs and his tutor.
start up the second lead and the main girl.
and many others


Any new Angsty - Flirty Dramas!?? Besides Nevertheless! Ha!
I’m almost out of hearts :purple_heart:


I know I was watching something recently where I said to myself, “That guy is the flirtiest flirt I’ve ever seen in dramaland.” But sadly I can’t remember which show it was. (I have absolutely terrible memory). It’s possible it was ‘My Little Happiness’.


Daddi Tang is a pretty good flirt


My favorite kiss was in a dream in that one