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I saw once a dress made with wedding bands and I think pot covers or other type of metals made an elephant head, it was at the Currier Museum… it was recycled art exhibit… it’s quite interesting how folks have such an imagination :wink:

I saw this place with the Banyan tree on Maui, capital city Lahaina, not too far from the ocean and gives nice shade in summer… it looks bigger than in 2010 :rofl: this tree has some story to its life as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@leerla73 if you are interested here is more detailed story about this wondrous tree… it’s one tree with many hanging roots around him that look like other trees :wink:
Banyan tree story and facts
more story


I bet you it does, it looks quite intimidating. :joy: I’d watch my back sitting under it’s shade. :rofl: Overactive imagination at work, side effect of watching too many other people’s imaginative works!
Thanks for the added link! :blush:


Not at all, it’s very peaceful and majestic… it connects to nature as well, for some it’s a spiritual tree (from India) from the fig family…


Pegasus at Imaginary Worlds at Atlanta Botanical Garden.

📷 @CarolMattinglyphotography




tree guardian


Stunning sand sculpture.






Nothing can break you, if you have a motivation and a power of will.
they showed step by step how the guy did this. is awesome to watch




Chairs for Guitarists.


I’m not sure they are completely flat, they must be probably expensive since the wood is likely special kind.


Wood Sculptor by Ian Freemantle


well its been a while, so here’s one I thought interesting


this isn’t wood woirking, and you could call it artsy stuff, this is from a Kdtrama news and thought it interesting

Now I don’t know about this one, kinda questionable, in my mouth? don’t think so

I laughed about this one


can anyone explain this driver thing?? (this was for the bed)



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A good place to hide something important, kdrama writers could learn something, lol:rofl::rofl::rofl:


you funny!! per frustrated writer,:rofl::rofl::heart_eyes::relaxed:


At the very least, I got a chuckle out of some of these.

I hope those dentures are saliva proof or else your data is in trouble. :sweat_smile:


don’t know about saliva proof…



Artist Turns Nuts, Bolts And Scrap Metal Into Life-Sized Animal Sculptures


Montreal Botanical Garden, Quebec Canada.


anyone ready for a ride??


More ideas @…/creative-rustic-ideas…/

another one from same people