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I donated a big bag of corks when I moved, wanted do a pin board with it… always ideas but not finishing :sweat_smile:











animal world


Ideas for Halloween




heres another, and from Germany, made of pumpkins!!


I want one!! this didn’t have a link with it.



Another super cool creation with re-purposed items. I love it, and I think I need one.



Brick Art sculpture made by American artist, Brad Spencer.



plant hangers


ready to grill??


your smile for the day


no more for awhile


These are cute! The lion is gorgeous and the brick wall is very creative!! Thanks for sharing art!!
I think the Chef ran out of gas and is still waiting for supply… like in Europe Energy supply is uncertain… :cold_sweat:

I miss Halloween in the US :sob:



I know someone who likely has a large collection of corks. I’m texting her right now to save some for me.


i just seen this and thought it would help, for the corks. egads, the prices are waaaay out in space, well no problem just looking!!



I gave a whole bag I saved for a pin wall to goodwill when I moved :sob: The pictured xmas tree would really look neat as table decoration, no needles and cleanup… I think you need something like a cardboard from a kitchen paper making the roll and then glue the halves from bottom upwards…

Now I have to drink lots of wine :rofl: to save corks… :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: well one glass of red wine is considered healthy… perhaps I’ll find folks to join :wink:


I really don’t know where to put this one but here goes


Here is a tree whose ground got washed away

Your laugh for the day

Chainsaw carved elk by Jordan Anderson



photo courtesy of Eva Martos -

Street art

Truly great work