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this isn’t woodworks but due to the weather thought this would be neat to put on here

These 3 brothers created a stunning snow sculpture in their backyard.


A huntress sculpture in the forest woven from willow branches

By Anna & the Willow

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I decided to became super creative and open own blog with pics. Sometimes I use video and photo editing software. Changing of the photo colors, brightness and contrast in a dull, dark and raw photo gives the image a refreshed look bringing it back to life. You can even change the background if it doesn’t suit the purpose. I sometimes use help of unblur photos


Beautiful Sculptures from the Harbin Ice and Sculpture Festival






I started using what the storm had destroyed and gave it new life as art.” –Marco Martalar Scultore 🐉🌲




[MK carving & sculpting](



Giant Wooden Figures Emerge in Nature at The Morton Arboretum


A throne carved into a tree trunk in Kendal, England. It was sculpted by artist Andy Levy in 2012 with a chainsaw and chisel into the stump of a blown down beech tree.

The intricate details represent the Parr family, including the coat of arms of Sir William Parr, who lived in Kendal Castle in the 16th century, and that of his granddaughter Catherine, who became the sixth and final queen consort of Henry VIII.

The faces in the throne are replicas of stone sculptures of a King and Queen found in the Kendal Parish Church, where the remains of William Parr rest in a black marble tomb.


An amazing wood carving… hard to believe it’s not a real dog! ![:exploding_head:|16x16]


Looks mighty real to me :hushed: just like it hopped up on a stump :thinking: hmmm. . .


look at all that stuff behind him too! awesome



I did a bamboo table (stained with transparent white wax product), next project is to put together 2 chests and later a drawer on top. I picked up used units with shelves and doors… then attaching wooden legs, sand and paint… Im hoping to get the color I want…


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i like this one







wood art panda


Credit: https: [](




Ice Sculptures carved at Lake Louise Alberta


Austin, Trevor and Connor Bartz do not miss the opportunity to amaze us with their snow sculptures.


The first one looks like Snow Queen sculpture, the design looks awesome!!