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I am fan of woodworking and combine my hobby with
work. I opened woodworking business and now working on how to form an llc in arkansas in the near future. A business name search is required to check if the desired name is available or not. If the name is available then the business owner has to fill up a name reservation form and send it to the Secretary of State, Arkansas.


So I finished my dresser on Sunday. I got 2 pieces old Ikea chests/cabinets for 10 bucks. Some hardwood, some wood veneered parts. I sanded only outer sides and painted it and attached wooden legs I had from a wardrobe… had to search which side the legs/feet were supposed to be mounted as they are angled not straight.

The existing hardware for the doors was probably not so exactly mounted, it’s a bit uneven. The ceramic knobs were there and I attached in back 3 small metal plates to the 2 pieces to keep them in place.
Overall I’m happy. I just want to mount an Ikea drawer on top and make a cover as soon as Ikea has the item in stock. :smile:

image image


really looks neat!!




sand sculpture/ superman



Art says save nature, Grafite, Poland





Wooden Lady Art



The Lion though, wha😃w!




Figure lace sculptures attached to sticks and pieces of found wood by Ágnes Herczeg



“They met online” :smile::laughing::joy: Old school style :basket:


Frozen Niagara falls, Ontario Canada

Carved Tree Root Face


Mother nature always surprises us… even with this… which stick is real?

As for woodworking I once watched a short documentary about a Japanese traditional art that still exists and is quite intriguing. To watch this is kinda soothing like that whatever it’s called when you hear sounds of the movements and materials :sweat_smile:


:smile::smile: Peek-a-boo! I see you! :laughing::joy:

ASMR :wink:


Surfers Paradise Sand Sculpture Competition - Gold Coast.



Melissa Scriven
A kubbestol is a chair carved from a single piece of wood that has been seasoned for about 2 years. Gorgeous. Norsk Wood Works – Norsk Kubbestol



sand sculpture


could I say “artsy” stuff??

My son helped me make this cake for my husbands birthday. His hobby is woodworking By Dogsordiamonds1 with Jenica Callahan and Pradeep Mewada.




how about this one?? for the birds


I thought this one was neat so here goes


Redwood root and maple burl throne by Jeffro Uitto with Rizwan Khan.