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this was in Singapore!


now where in the world would we put this??

ow beautiful - driftwood village!

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a pretty picture


Compliments to the chain saw artist ! Fantastic horse wood sculpture Keiji Kodokoro !


how about this for a garden /

horse driftwood



Real creative! :smiley:


wood carving



Those lion heads are out of this world amazing! They don’t even look like wood; it really looks like they have fur.



would you believe avacodo pits??The irish artist and crafts she made from avocado pits, looks like celtic folklore-inspired wood crafts:


how about this for a coffee table, its different



recycled metal



Dragon made from car and motorcycle parts…

Credit Tom Samui


Giant lion sculpture carved from a single dead redwood tree. It took 20 people over 3 years to complete. By Dengding Rui Yao 👏❤️


that is the Enterprise ship, where is Mr. Spock :rofl:
The dragon is beautiful!!


Lookit! Kim Jae Joong is playing with wood :grin: This Korean artist (mostly singer) has tried now almost everything… he keeps reinventing himself… now please gift me that cutting board :heart_eyes: (originally found on his tweet acct.) Enjoy JJ eye candies :rofl: Check out his videos of woodworking, only previews:

When working with wood, like cutting and sanding make sure you wear protective glasses, gloves and a mask, the fine dust isn’t that healthy… when you paint it have a window open…



Sculpture made entirely out of pencils





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By Marc Adams




Now this comes to my mind a funny Russian fairytale, Mrozik, Vater Frost. This here is where the Witch lives and Ivan, the young man, who went out to see the world iand now is looking for his Love interest Nastenka is disturbing her.

It’s a short clip, but you can see the log cabin and how it can turn itself on feet as well, looks like yours featured log cabin your posted; now did they copy that :rofl: