Woodworking stuff and other artsy stuff


how about this


atlanta botanical garden, earth godess


Lmao, why do I remember so much, this turtle looks a bit like turtle Mora from Neverending Story fairytale.


wow! now you mentioned it, yeah!! awesome!


I’d like to find out how they do that!!




They probably molded it off a statue. :wink::+1:t5:




how about this one??

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:kr: 나비! Nabi!
:butterfly: Butterfly! :butterfly:
:cn: 蝴蝶!Hudie!


I really didn’t know where to put this , but I thought it was pretty.“magical”

My magical world is with Michelle Hancock Clawson and Tracy Twinny Kay Holt .

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all it had was Cambodia life


how about this one?

Street art (tea time) By Portuguese Artist Odeith

Look at this one ,so awesome


photographer took the picture, didn’t realize what he took till he got home




A Butterfly for Butterflies :heart: :butterfly:
Tarzan and Jane sitting on a elephant and he makes his call “ouuuoooohhhhh”, haha :rofl:


:astonished: What?! :smiley: That’s mind-blowing! :exploding_head:

The last picture. I would be quite startled walking upon that head, looking like one of the guys at the end of the rainbow :rainbow: He looks like he’s trying to sit on a pot of gold. :rofl:


I think I would do some screaming as well!!!


Antique dragon chair.


Ice sculpture in Kiev, Ukraine.


Very nice wood carved fairy 🙂


Horse wood sculpture by Keiji Kodokoro


I finally found the square root!


An amazing work of art by Jeffro Uitto.


not sure but may have put this one on here before

Dragon made from car and motorcycle parts…

Credit Tom Samui.
yep/ March 12

Old CDs turned into fabulous animal sculptures by Sean E Avery


What a cool re-use of old CDs. That special CD shimmer adds such a pretty element.