Words you/we think don't deserve to be censored


I am opening this topic, to give everyone a chance to put up words who got censored but in your/our opinion shouldn’t.
We understand if competitor’s names get censored, but not this one:


A word in my native language German ■■■■■/m-a-c-h-t is an example it is a verb like to do/make in English, if you could leave it uncensored it that would be nice.

In addition, I thought the times of censoring something like LGBT+ lgbt+ lgbtq LGBTQ; just as I am writing it, these terms got out of the censorship jail.

Thanks for this, I am glad it didn’t take so long.


I’ve wondered about the censor. Replying to another thread I used the word ■■■■■■ without the stars, a specific area of the world to narrow down the area was boxed while I was pecking. Let’s try this r e g i o n. Well now. There is the uncensored word, with spaces. How is it that word would be censored I have a idea.


I just got the word “e l s e w h e r e” censored. What on earth…?!


In Dutch it means power (a common word).

■■■ (あの) a n o also gets censored


Oh, I know that one! It’s the Italian word for the orifice for the solid product of digestion.


But power isn’t censored, so why the German word?

In German Macht/Mach-t means power, it has the capital letter at the start indication that it is a noun. The word mach-t doesn’t, so it is a verb, …

Er hat die Mach-t. He got the power.
Er mach-t Kaffee. He makes coffee.
Er mach-t keinen Finger krumm. He doesn’t lift a finger.

■■■/ga-y is censored too, two homosexual men, isn’t, even though we know from a famous Christmas song that “to be merry and ga-y” has no sexual meaning.



No clue. I was surprised as well, as it is a normal word in Dutch :woman_shrugging:

In Dutch: Hij heeft de macht
Hij is aan de macht (He is in power)

Aha, the word isn’t censored anymore :smiley:

Edit: so ■■■■■■ s-ubbed is censored now? :see_no_evil:


Yes, I am glad someone is working on some absurd censoring.

Subtitles, subs, subbing, subbe-d, translation, translating, okay …
It is the only one, it seems.

Gay, and elsewhere are working now as well.

■■■ a n o is not …

region is free


subbed - works now as well

■■■ - is a no, and I tested it in my native language it is too, so I guess this one will stay censored.

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Note: If you put space between each censored word the ‘‘blocks’’ disappear, but is kind of unnecessary since most words censored here are not even considered ‘‘bad words’’ so it makes no sense to me all this censoring. I blurred my words that I felt were strong subject, and they were blocked too! If you ask me a bit overboard.


I wrote the title of the drama Heal me ■■■■ me, and they blocked the word K i l l.

So it seems it’s an ongoing project, with words being added and taken off the list…

Just discovered that ‘drama*land’ as one word is among the inexplicably censored words.

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And it’s even one of Viki’s shows!

I guess you mean Dramaworld?

Ah, you’re right, it was slightly different.

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App used to pirate content from many publishers.

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Interesting. I’ve never heard of that one.

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Streisand effect. I learned a couple of offensive words.


I can’t believe it but FB in the mix! at least per today!

how about MDL ■■■■■■■■■■■?
almost didnt finish typing the name!!

youtube? looks like that didn’t go blocked

I think they need to loosen up a bit! why all these links a big no-no?

rokuten viki nope not that one (hehehe just checking)

■■■■■■■ oh and that one is here on viki. 10cent
really interesting, so we can just Google it and find other links.

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