Xbox Live VIKI Global TV Application Subtitles: Can they be better?

I was really happy when I found out that Viki came to the Xbox, as I don’t have a smart tv so I can’t connect devices together. Having the application helps a lot and I can watch it on the big screen!

However, I quickly checked to see if the Subtitles would be a problem. The basic white text which cannot be changed to another colour or have a background (such as a black/faded block behind the text) added and therefor blends in often with light/bright or otherwise white backgrounds.

It’s a similar problem for other Apps on Xbox which have unalterable text settings.

I would LOVE to be able to watch Kdramas and stuff on the big screen! Is there a way we can have more options when we view the Subtitles?

I realized this may be in the wrong section, as I was just going to give feedback, but I’m new here so I just checked the Guidelines and stuff and it seemed to be I might be able to post this kind of thing here.

What do you guys think? More Subtitling options for the Xbox Viki App?

Thanks for reading!

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I’m wondering if I’m the only one with sign-in issues.