You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


I know I can always get a good laugh when I visit this thread.:joy:


I am always streaming laughter tears :sob::rofl: it’s definitely a reason to live, love, and laugh out loud !


NOW YOU HAVE DONE IT! Too much noise! Now the Helmoi Squad is being dispatched from the District Police Office to smack everyone within a 20-kilometer radius.

Thanks a lot, you traitor.


“No, seriously, I only crinkled a KitKat wrapper . . .”
(from Raines Dichotomy, actress Lee Soon Shin)


IU :star_struck::star_struck:



I find myself lately - thinking or trying to say the Korean Word - That I KNOW FITS in the sentence or the thought that I am SAYING -

Totally BONKERS!


Unfortunately, I have to add work hahaha, It would be a pleasure to follow the structure in that image!!


my problem is— the Korean word comes out faster and expresses my emotions best…and then I have to sit for ten minutes wondering what the word is in my own languages. Especially after I’ve just finished watching a drama. My whole language system gets turned around…I remember the Korean word first, then my native language, then Hindi and THEN English. By that time, whoever I was talking to has already disappeared, shaking their head at how gone I am. :joy:


you know you have been watching too many kdramas when you can’t get your mind off the shows and their love stories like who will get who and then you are so sad about their life as if you know them.


when you are already watching so much kdramas but still you start another kdrama and your brain takes time to cope up


when staying up all night binging dramas = relaxation and rejuvenation

happens only in fangirl-land! :joy:


Ok my phone just rang and the person I was talking to I said:



Which sounds like Cha-ka-mon to me


don’t tell me you’ve been hallucinating about Minho now :joy::joy:


Correctly used too, it means wait a minute, or a little.
It might be time to move to S. Korea if you start answering your phone,
여보세요? yeoboseyo?(Hello?):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


It was so funny - someone was talking to me and my phone rang and I immediately held my hand up and said - “jamkkanman”

Hilarious! I do use a lot of words or I try to - Just wish I could find someone to tutor me


Best thing to do is spend a month or three, in S. Korea, while your vocabulary is growing, so it’ll stick. Three months is the max allowed on a US passport, before they come looking for you :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl: for the real deal, irl :sparkling_heart::purple_heart: ja!l in S. Korea (actually I don’t know what they really do in that case). I say go visit, with irl already known friends of course, not strangers met online here or anywhere else, unless they are vested first :point_up:t5:!
I found out through the youtubers I follow, and some I don’t follow, but I do watch their channel. Through them I’ve found links to online cafes, where people actually converse in Korean, and English, sometimes Konglish, as they call it, these folks are either living in S.Korea, or other countries, often they already visited, and stayed in S. Korea. These cafes are a mix of native S. Korean, and visitors. They also meet up in real life cafes in S. Korea. There’s this link through Asian Boss too, check their description link on their channel, or their about page, maybe their other online spots like IG, and FB.


This topic talks about

Ha! But I’ve talked so much to people about the K-drama world, I’ve been gifted with the beauty packets face mask, hand sanitizers, and face mask from S. Korea :laughing::smile: I also got gifted a set of pens designed in historic outfits, since 2017. I have yet to open it, I do hope the inks are still flowing. I kept the lotte shopping bag I got it in for quite a while, just because it all came straight from S. Korea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When you order all your FAVORITES in their Elle Korea, GQ Korea spreads etc etc! I have several magazines now! And I can’t READ anything in them!!!

I just look at the pictures!:heart_eyes::sob:



Heart Jail - AGAIN

I’m BACK all of a sudden!