You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


Stir crazy


I watched an online class lecture for a full fifteen minutes before realising I CAN understand what they’re saying without the subtitles which were clogging up half the screen :woman_facepalming:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You are too far gone now :rofl: :rofl:


Awesome @vivi_1485 :smiley:!


I started watching American shows with subtitles - I have issues!!! :rofl:


When my colleagues asked me if I was proud that they all started watching k dramas because of me. Because I talk about it all the time. :yum:



But concerning my youngest colleague I have nothing to do with it. He started watching dramas before we met. He was the one who first mentioned doom at your service!


I’m bilingual (Korean and English), but now I have a “need” to have subtitles/captions on whether I’m watching a K-drama or an American show! I think I’ve been in Viki too long! :smiley:


Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one!!! I feel better


When my oldest asks if I’ve seen the latest American show and I respond with ‘No, I haven’t watched that drama.’

The other day I honestly couldn’t figure out what to generically call an American show, my kids just look at me funny when I call American shows Dramas. lol


Now that’s a language barrier, too cute!


:joy::joy: the other day I said “Indian dramas” instead of “TV serials” and of course I got the dramatic this-girl-is-too-far-gone reactions… it doesn’t help that the only Korean they know is Kim Jong Un :flushed:


We had to watch a play of Shakespeare’s Tempest Act 3 in class today, you know, with all those dialogues in old English… and this is my best friend’s reaction :joy:


I have been doing this ever since I had kids. They don’t discriminate by language when it comes to talking over my shows! But American TV is terrible, the shows just don’t know when to stop!


Lol! TBH I prefer some kind of bow now. It’s a hands-free greeting that’s polite and also doesn’t require an awkward wave or fake smile.


I do - do that a little!


I’m still so embarassed over the time I greeted my best friend’s dad with a 45 degree bow :see_no_evil::flushed:


I used to do this already for certain shows. Some shows have a major discrepancy between the volume of the dialogues and the volume of the music (it’s really annoying). I don’t like it when the volume is too loud, so I turn it down and this makes it really hard to understand the dialogue sometimes (I prefer this to a sudden blast of loud background music), so subtitles are handy :laughing:

Haha I picked up this habit too, especially when I went to the Korean grocery store, I would do it to greet the owner :laughing: she taught me the right words to say when I leave as well :smile:. II caught myself doing it to others too, but I modified it to only bow my head instead :rofl:



So I’m not the only one