You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


I finally found it, but I find it’s really sweet, the sweet :sweet_potato: potato twist I found before, had the right amount of sweetness.

  • Your kids are dithering and you yell “ppalli ga!” at them to hurry up and go
  • You start thinking of your husband as “second male lead” because he’s always bugging you to go do stuff when you’re trying to spend time with your main squeeze, whatever drama you’re watching
  • You ask whether your spouse wants tteokbokki, jjajangmyeon, or just a kimchi pancake for dinner, and rather than a blank stare he enthusiastically responds “tteokbokki!”
  • you don’t even recognize the names in your own country’s celebrity gossip any more, but you constantly ask your friends what they think of scandal X or how the Baeksang nominations totally got it wrong this year.
  • You curl your lip up and snarl “AIISSSSSH JINJA” at people
  • You find yourself looking at binyeo and hanbok on etsy even though you’re White and could never pull the look off
  • Your top vacation bucket list item is Korean Folk Village


This is pure enjoyment, laughed the whole way through :rofl::joy::laughing::joy:


These tho’ :laughing::joy::laughing: :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


When you have to google “is there such thing as a K-Drama addiction?”. Literally, other people have done this, besides me. I can’t believe this is a real thing, and yes, I fell into the trap!!!


My nephew and niece love when I throw words in Korean at them, and they find me so amusing. They laugh so much and that’s when I realized I’ve watched too many k dramas too.


Ha! Ha! These so describe these threads :yarn::thread::joy:
Credit: Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


Answering the topic: When you move to Korea for leisure, to live, or work. What’s it’s like being Black in Korea in 2021.

No one interviewed mentioned they watched K-Drama, and that’s why they moved to Korea. One person mentioned K-Pop.


LG Stylo was everything until it developed issues my service provider could not resolve, even after sending me a replacement unit. So I changed providers and phones.

NOW Omo! Samsung? Daebak! Life is so much better.



jillketler_266, I am not addicted. I can quit whenever I want to. I just don’t . . . want to.



When HBO seems like a foreign channel…


Hilarious! :rofl:


My very, very first cell was a Samsung, but I never loved the brand. Hey, I didn’t know about K-Dramas either, they could’ve used K-Drama’s help back then, I’m sure I’d have loved it by default :joy: Now, I love LG anything, how ironic, we switched brands.


I loved my Stylo 6, and my carrier was the best. Pricey per month but worth it. The problem came when my phone still was having major issues with a couple of apps that just would not resolve even after I got a replacement phone sent to me.

They would not just willy-nilly send me another brand for comparison for several reasons. I owned my phone outright, they had already wasted the time and salary of five different customer service and tech people, AND company policy was, despite all their advertising BS, to cater to the board of directors and investors rather than truly give a rat’s butt about customers.

I don’t fault any of the people I worked with. They were all super friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and basically the best bunch of problem solvers around. But those wacky folks up the org chart at HQ in NYC . . . classic materialist chaebols all of them.


Typical of most carriers, once they get you, they forget you :woman_shrugging:t5: Mines just charged me three times as much for a phone, because I have no promotions until August. But, I really wanted to stick with LG, the connection to Korea, K-drama, & yada yada yada :laughing:


I feel Subway calling to me every time I pass one on the street :joy:

Also, I felt completely cheated when a newly bought Samsung blacked out without explanation. I was like “Excuse me, live up to your reputation!” I had to explain myself to Samsung’s support robot which connected me to a human. At least they were fast at responding, and I got it fixed the next day.


Or you are a black man and actually know what a binyeo is …


More seriously, what about the impressiveness below? That’s what K-dramas do constantly–challenge people to constantly learn and discover. I was unaware until five minutes ago.

The Chinese Imperial dragon–symbol of the Emperor–is always portrayed as being black with five fingers such as humans have to distinguish to distinguish it from lesser dragons (which only have four f
fingers). Seems somehow entirely appropriate to symbolize the careers of these hardworking and very scary people.

Powell-Seongsaengnim, the first man on the list, apparently started something pretty awesome. Taekwondo meets capoeria?


I spend half my life on Viki :see_no_evil:
finished doing my volunteering duties? take a break by watching a drama. finish the drama > go to Discussions to rant about it > get caught up fangirling and fooling around > check Inbox > go back to editing > study > eat > pray > sleep > REPEAT :joy:

Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

And if you bingewatch K-dramas on your phone, you can do laundry, run to the corner store for 50 cartons of cup noodles, pay your phone bill, return overdue library books, smack any errant maknae wandering around in the street, participate in two political demonstrations, and attend 5 BTS concerts in between episodes.

This is, of course, assuming you are truly follow the K-drama lifestyle.

(Stop that sleeping! Stop it right now!)