You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


When you look at your clock and you know what time it is in Seoul!!!


“Oh, she used THAT four-letter word again. W-O-R . . . Disgusting!”


ohh saME!!! I follow about three kpop bands, so my brain automatically calculates KST when I look at the time :see_no_evil:


What is the thing in dramas where they say “if you sit on the cold ground or on the floor - your mouth will turn” - Is that just to get people off the cold floor?? Old wives tale like being in the cold without a coat you will catch cold - kinda thing?


You are in a grocery store when you hear a child yell ‘Mama !’ , and even with English being your first language , you hear ‘Your Highness’ first …


This thread is going into “the highlight of your day” thread because I just laughed my butt off for the last 20 minutes or so reading everyone’s responses. As someone who has been quietly enjoying my dramas all by myself for the last 2 years, it is so nice to know I’m not the only one who does these things.

This one is my absolute favorite! If my husband only knew that he takes second male lead role sometimes (okay, so he does actually know). Hardly a day will go by when he won’t say to me, “You know there are shows in English you could be watching, right?” My response: :roll_eyes: It’s been 2 years, buddy, get over it.


okay, THIS is a new one! :joy::joy::joy:

this is for cdrama… didn’t want to make an extra topic
The words for father and younger brother both sound like “Didi” but in Hindi, “Didi” means older sister :joy:
So I end up giggling every time someone calls me that :sweat_smile:


I’ve never heard “didi” for father. Do you mean “die1/爹” (dee-eh)? As far as I know “didi” is only used for younger brothers.


That’s what I thought. But in AOL, I kept hearing “dee-eh dee-eh” whenever she called her dad


Dee-eh! Dia! Dee-hah!
To note, the above is in Manderin. I’d asked some Cantonese co-workers about this back in 2016. They had no clue. They gave me knitted brow looks, puzzled. It made me wonder, because it’s used so often in C-Dramas. Later I also learned there are other, many, many more Chinese languages, and dialects, that got suppressed as each dynasty took rule. They are still used today, and as languages do, they get mixed in with the dominantly used language.


ohh that makes sense


This guy is funny! He goes to Korean Subway and asks “Where are all the HOT people?” :joy:

And if you’ve watched terrible amounts of dramas, this one will make you laugh:
He got everything right— the girl who trips on the flat floor, the freeze, the soft filter, the episode stills, the Subway and Samsung ads, the cliffhanger, EVERYTHING that makes a kdrama what we know and love :joy:
Remember to turn on the sound!




LMBO, funny, on both clips.


Kk . . . time to get ultra seriously real on this thread. How many K-dramas is too many? I know there are too many of them recently that have made me wonder . . . why did I waste my time?

But aside from those . . . are there really too many?

(K-pop boy band Infinite from Wikipedia)


I have had the same experience, and it’s had me wondering, too. Is it just a natural evolution that the more you watch, the more discernment you gain about what is good and what isn’t? Have I been watching long enough that I already consumed all the ‘best’ content and nothing else of quality is left to be found? Is the quality of current content actually declining, or am I just suffering from burnout? Inquiring minds want to know.


I find that I have become very picky with my K-dramas as a viewer and even pickier as a subber. One thing I did notice about Korean shows that are coming to Viki lately is that majority of them are older movies, not dramas.


I’m always filled with constant terror of this happening :flushed: That’s why I stock up on all the best content so I can rewatch it later if the well runs dry :joy:

I’m glad I’ve not become cynical YET. I still enjoy nonsense dramas if they make me feel good. I recently saw this MDL Voting List of the most overrated dramas ever and I was so sad to see the amount of hate aimed at DOTS. I wonder if I would’ve hated it if it hadn’t been one of my first dramas. Because I really really enjoyed that one.

Sometimes the amount of hate I read makes me look back on the good memories and doubt them. I wonder if I really enjoyed it or my memory is deceiving me. Then I go back again and watch it, afraid I’ll hate it. This happened with SWDBS… I started not liking it just because I read too much hate about it. When I watched it again, I still loved it as much. That taught me to take others’ opinions lightly.

I’m seeing that Police University is getting a lot of hate because it’s “stupid, nonsensical and boring.” I feel like these reviewers/commenters have watched way too many dramas and expect a high-quality crime thriller. Police University is a COMEDY. In my opinion, it’s one of the best comedy dramas I’ve ever watched. I’ve been laughing and laughing for whole episodes. The banter and dialogues have been done SO WELL. I hope I never reach a point where I stop enjoying light dramas like these just because they don’t have much depth/plot strngth.


I relate to your entire post, but I particularly like this statement. It’s very, very true. You like what you like, and it shouldn’t matter how anyone else feels about it, and this goes for anything in life, not just dramas. This is where I find TCs to be a double-edged sword because I really enjoy them sometimes, but then I wonder if I am letting them affect my take on the drama too much. I used to never have them on when I’m watching a drama for the first time for that very reason, but I started just always having them on. Maybe that is contributing to my drama ‘blahs’ lately.

Thankfully my cynicism hasn’t reached into the comedy realm yet. At this point, really, I would say it’s all about the dramas where the actual ‘drama’ is contrived and derived from lack of communication where literally opening one’s mouth and saying a word or two could solve almost everything. I’m just really losing all my tolerance for this, and unfortunately it is the basis for a lot of dramas, both currently and in the past.


Yes, and how many times they have the opportunity but someone interrupts while they’re hesitating. Just spit it out while they’re walking away. Sheesh

But like you said earlier, in some thread or another. Then the drama would be over after 5 episodes. lol