You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


Or 5 seconds. :joy:

Or the person (often the FL but sometimes the ML) demands an explanation but then continues to rant and complain and storms off in a huff and literally never gives the other person a chance to say one word.

But in the one I just watched, the ML is keeping things from the FL in the name of her safety and not wanting to get her involved in the problems and danger he’s dealing with, and yet she’s already been kidnapped and almost killed once, and I’m like, “Dude, she’s already involved and already in danger, so give her the information she needs in order to do what she can to keep herself safe!” But of course he doesn’t, so of course she finds herself in danger again later. So frustrating. :woman_facepalming:t4:


Is this one of those dramas where she’s perfectly fine after? Why is there no PTSD in drama land? I guess that wouldn’t fit in the script.


Yep, pretty much fine. Nothing to see here.


Either they have overexaggerated PTSD or they just breeze past everything. There is no middle ground :joy:


When I watch a Korean drama it sometimes sounds French to me. Is that strange? Korean sounds really pleasant to me. I download a lot of soundtracks from dramas that I like too


You know You’ve Been Watching Too Many Kdrama when. . .
When you’ve created these many #actors-actresses celebrities topics like @kris_o . . . She started something :eyes: :thinking: :eye: ͜ ʖ :eye:


Wow! I kept scrolling, thinking I’d get to the end, but it kept going and going. That’s a pretty comprehensive list. :clipboard:


I know right! ! :sweat_smile: Hence my reason for sharing, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: w :star_struck: w! Kudos to her! If any fan type in the name of an actor or actress in search, they should have no problem discussing their celebrity.


I think she used to be a staff member on the Viki community team… her first posts say that.


Found another old post that fits this topic :rofl:


MDL has taught me this! Red Sky is getting hate - DOOM got hate - Nevertheless got HATE on MDL - too slow this that or the other - I take my opinion - If I love it, then I love it! I don’t read reviews much anymore!


I read reviews mostly just to find out if there is going to be a lot of tragedy or an unhappy ending, because I want to avoid those.


MDL is the WORST - The rating for Red Sky is too LOW - Even other people are saying it! The people on MDL are weird - I will read VIKI reviews.


Same. I just check if it’s tragic. I do NOT check reviews for popular dramas. There are some people who just want to show off that they hate mainstream dramas/ like calling everything “overrated”. More obscure dramas usually have honest reviews.

Popular dramas are in a class of their own now. You can’t check reviews. They’re unreliable. I was so sad and annoyed to see so many comments hating on iconic shows like Goblin, DOTS and Flower Of Evil. The rating speaks louder, though. Why does a show have a 9.1 rating but bad reviews? Because it’s filled with newbies trying to say it’s the worst drama ever while everybody else just quietly rate it and leave.


And there are shows with a 9.5 or higher rating that I didn’t like! We all have such different tastes! Some the same but some different!


This should help.



I want that multi colored outfit-

Thank you for sharing I used to do this stuff as a little girl - used to dress up and do shows all the time

Shake it OFF - one of my FAVORITES



I’m curious if most of you here tend to give a rating to most things you watch. With only a couple exceptions, I only review and rate things that I really like. I guess I just don’t usually like taking the time to write a review for things I wasn’t particularly happy with.


I don’t review everything, either. I write reviews whenever I feel like. But I rate everything on MDL.