You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


Nope, not for most I watched. It all comes down to my choosing to write a review. Sometimes it’s because I like it a lot, or I found it so unlikable!


I have rated everything that I completed on MDL also.


Goodness, we might actually be twins :scream:


I review and rate everything on a French website. I rate few on Viki or MDL, never review on Viki or MDL.


If MDL wasn’t enough to remind me, I know I’ve been watching too many k-dramas because I’m watching my weekend drama almost Eng-sub-free! And I haven’t even been actively learning Korean on Duolingo!

Also, I find myself switching to Korean in my head whenever I get overly upset or angry. It’s the only language with which I have a very moderate vocabulary. So I yell in Korean, and when I finally reach the end of my vocabulary or suddenly start to scramble for words, I can laugh at my silliness or grammar mistakes and feel better about whatever situation I was in :joy:


Hahah isn’t that true? I understand simple Korean too. Sometimes I don’t even notice the subtitles stopped :laughing: Haven’t watched a Korean drama sub-free in a while (only Cdramas).


This topic came up, when I just had that thought today.

You know you’ve been watching too many K-dramas, when you know several dramas that go with the same title.
I just saw there is a new one called Crazy Love - there was one in 2013.


I found myself stuck in a language :rofl:
One of those Nfx banner dramas was automatically playing and I understood it, but couldn’t come up with the name of the language. I even started thinking in that language, even though I don’t know much and went… wait? what is this language? I literally heard it today!
I didn’t actually look at what was going on, I only glanced at the title, which was in English, before I shut the tab.

Only when I switched back to my Kdrama, I realized that language was Japanese :rofl: :rofl:.


@feyfayer, Kudos!! :joy::+1:t5:Your heart language, your tongue will catch up :blush:


@vivi_1485, what do you think, maybe add C, J, and Thai dramas to your title?


I know people have mentioned the truck of doom before, but do you guys also experience a form of anxiety when characters in dramas are near a street? Especially when they are being filmed from a certain angle? I can’t even focus that much on the dialogue then, I just keep thinking: there better not be a truck :laughing:. Most of the time these characters are fine. In order cases… :see_no_evil:

Haha I’ve had some TCs mention the same thing as well. Everyone just starts commenting about the truck of doom :laughing:


Watched Love Alarm 2 yesterday and in one episode she text both ML with a let’s talk/ I have something to say to you. Cuts to next scene the road crossing trope, her on one side, the ML on the other side, gazing deep into each others eyes from across the road. The moment the cross now beeping started and she (slow mo) starts to cross the road looking right at him, my immediate thought was she’s going to get knocked over by a truck of doom before she can say what she had to say.
There was nothing to suggest anyone wanted her dead, not to mention to get to her would also result in the knocking over the 15 or so other people crossing the same road!
I breathed out a slight sigh of relief when she got to the other side without incident, how illogical is that! Have we been so conditioned by K-dramas to always expect the worse at crossings!? :rofl::rofl:


The answer is a resounding YES! If crossing the road is involved, I will always expect something terrible to happen.


Hahahah exactly this! We’ve been traumatized by all the trucks (or cars) of doom! Bad writers :laughing:

I recently saw one, where this person escaped a car crash narrowly, so we let out a sigh of relief, only for the person to be smashed by a truck seconds later :weary:


This is me, laughing at @ninjas_with_onions and @feyfayer

Thanks for sharing, now I’m loaded with whatever that good thing is that laughter produces :rofl::joy::smile::joy::rofl:


It’s usually the “White Truck of Death.” So if it’s a small car or a different colored truck approaching, I’m not worried as much. lol


Especially when one of them was running on one side of the street and “following” the person on the other side traffic light, crosswalk or nothing like that at all …
I will always think stop running, since the other person is just walking, but the person following always runs, and you always expect the truck of doom. Not to forget when all other people are suddenly on the other side all but one …


IKR? :rofl:

@ajumma2 I’ve seen too many where it was a car :sob:
And sometimes it’s one of those Blue trucks, not a white one :no_mouth:. The fact that I know all of that says a lot hahaha :laughing:


…when I say the exact line right before the character actually says it. I did it a couple times when I was watching something together with my husband and he said I know K-dramas so well that I not only know what the writer is going to write, but also how the subber will translate. lol


You are right., They’ve been changing to non-white trucks lately, so I guess I can’t relax anymore! lol