You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


LOL If it is a black car - chance of survival is zero, if it is a blue truck the victim might survive but fall into coma, suffer from amnesia or needs a surgery and gets a new face …


I totally understand you!! I get SEVERE anxiety every time any character goes near a road. Fear grips me until they safely cross the road :flushed: The trauma is real! Especially when they shoot the scene with that “shaky-hand” camera.

I also get SO scared every time a character is walking along a street and a car drives past. I almost stop breathing till the car has past because I’ve seen wayyyy too many dramas where characters get purposefully knocked down by cars. Especially black cars. A black car anywhere on screen rings all the alarm bells in my head.


When this happens irl, you say oO-Kay! Like in K-dramas, while emphatically forming oO with your mouth, and throwing up the :ok_hand:t5: okay sign :sob::joy:

After watching a kdrama where they yell, or say 그만네! (geu-man-ne!) - Stop it! or 멈추다! (meom-chu-da!) - Stop! a lot, you want to yell, or say it irl :sob::rofl::joy: some other words or phrases that tend to pop in your head are:

  • 먹었어? (meog-eoss-eo?) - You ate?
  • 난 괜찮아! (nan gwaenchanh-a!) - I am fine!
  • 알았어. (al-ass-eo.) - okay.

But, if you say these words out loud in Korean, no one would understand. Aaah! :sob: The language barrier :joy:

What was your first K-drama?

When you immediately recognize the formula:

A character says certain words +
The music +
Everything is going (too) well =

Someone is about to die :sweat:

(Those words can be something like - “after this…,” “I’ve always wanted…,” “We’ve never…,” “will remember…,” etc.)

I was watching something and my hubby walked past (he heard the music), glanced at the screen and said “is someone going to die?” I started to laugh (the answer was yes. The character died later) :laughing:. I think I’ve pointed out the formula so many times that he can recognize it without even looking :rofl: .

Haha, definitely. Sometimes it’s scary how accurate you can be :sweat_smile:.


In a similar way, when one person involved in a couple tells their partner that they promise to be by their side forever or to never leave them, this definitely means there is a breakup or separation coming in the future.


IKR! And every time a character takes a video of their partner… The tears well up because I know something bad is going to happen to them :confounded: Or when they do a montage of the couple being all happy and dating cutely, you KNOW something absolutely stupid is going to happen and all that happiness will get wiped away in a minute

I kinda like it though… especially when ML looks at FL and everything goes into slow motion and you can hear that heart beat sound and there’s a pretty OST playing in the back… I feel like “Ahhh I’m home!” :joy:


Like one of them sacrificing themselves for the other person? :roll_eyes:
Just talk to them! That will solve the problem, it’s not that hard :laughing:
Or maybe it is for ppl in Kdrama land (also looking at you, Cdramas).
Communication is a taboo :rofl:


I used to get bothered by this, but after living my life for a while, I realized that is a very real, extremely common phenomena in human relationships. No matter what you try to do, it always happens. Communication is one of the human race’s top problems, and I guess that’s why our entertainment reflects that. Either we have too much pride, or we like to think of ourselves as heroes. It’s interesting to watch miscommunication now.


Yes, I also don’t get bothered by it, because it happens in real life. I’ve seen really frustrating cases of this happen to people I know even. And even if you think you talked sense into them, they don’t do it :weary:.

I only get slightly annoyed when it’s used as a plot device and it’s obvious the writer didn’t know what else to do :neutral_face:. It doesn’t happen often (or it does, but you can explain it away with other motives) :sweat_smile:.

The “I’m going to sacrifice myself, because that way I’ll be the hero / save them” trope annoys me more :laughing:.


Oh this is the WORST trope ever :sob::sob: I feel like screaming "I DON’T WANT YOU TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF! LET’S JUST BE TOGETHER FOREVERRRRRRR

oh yeah I don’t like when it is used as an easy way out of some difficulty the writer chances upon


Too funny!

As soon as everything is going just too well and MLs are way too happy, we know that there will be some tragedy coming up very soon! Even my hubby, who started watching K-dramas with me recently, says, “Uh-oh, something bad is about to happen!” lol


They know the signs :rofl:.


This :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’m listening to a hangul radio station, and yes, I understand quite a lot of what I’m hearing. There are so many common 단어 - words as found in k-dramas, movies, and shows. I can also tell their accent has an American accent.


I’ve been marathoning Downton Abbey, and the two MLs were so happy and lovey-dovey and appreciating each other, and I was just sitting back with a big grin on my face and enjoying the drama, until BAM! tragedy strikes in the next scene! Had it been a K-drama, I would have totally expected that and would’ve been mentally prepared, but darn you, British drama writers! I was so not ready for that and was shocked! I won’t give spoilers, but it happens in Season 3. How could they do that!! :sob:


Hahaha :laughing:
I thought Brits also had a thing for tragedy.
They like to slip them in there (haven’t watched DA though).


You should give it a try, if you get a chance. It’s quite enjoyable, and I dare say it’s as good as some of the really good K-dramas. :smiley:


Yes, it used to be on my list of series to watch, but back then it wasn’t available for me through legal means, so I had to wait. And now it’s years later :laughing:. Maybe I’ll get around to it.
I do love British series though and have grown up watching them :smile:. They have their own flavor.


I watched this video and thought of this thread :laughing:.


I love this video, but in particular, the ‘mom watching kdramas’ is SO ME trying to get anything done around the house! :rofl::rofl::rofl: