You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


You leave the house to eat Korean food and wind up at Subway.


I love that word it sounds so cool


Good one!

But! Stop eating plastic food. Your body can’t digest it, you know, side effects. . .

Can you expand on this, I’mmmm a bit rusty:


:joy::joy: Good one!! Didn’t you feel like you were right there among the busy streets of Korea?

It’s the name of the band from the drama “The Liar and His Lover”

  1. When Naver is your favorite hang out for the latest news EVEN though you’re not fluent yet in Hangeul then you’re a frequent visitor of KDramaPal, Soompi, Dramabeans, AllKPop, Koreaboo etc etc

  2. When you know KDrama Fashion has an eagle eye in clothes, jewelries or anything official/unofficial PPL.

  3. Papago is your best friend :smile:


Ha!Ha!ha!ha! So me on weibo, the main reason I got an account, was to follow K & C Drama celebrities, and discovered so much more there, I mean it’s really telling when:

I have a user name, and password for naver too :laughing:

Thanks! You’ve just :ribbon::shopping::gift:gifted me:


Oh, Papago…my forever best friend :joy::sweat_smile: It’s always open somewhere on my computer.


The band in the drama the Liar and his Lover ( or the other way around ), the band’s name was a cheesy knockoff of the band Coldplay …


Aaah! Okay, got it! Didn’t watch those, that’s why :notes::musical_note:!! :smile:


I literally have to eat RICE everyday! Everyday! Is it subliminal!


With that really neat mouth-shovel Korean style spoon …I love those, so much more functional


I need some of those!


The instant ramen you’ve been eating since childhood
Just doesn’t stand up to all the scenes with Jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce)
and I’d rather have what he’s having…




I can get those noodles at my right down the street Korean Restaurant!:grinning:


Reading this on my lunch!
Gotta wait till payday, for a treat now, yup!:laughing:


Go for it! And make extra for us :smile:


hehe rice is staple food in Asia, I had to pause for a minute and wonder how it’s connected to k-drama :joy::joy:


[You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When]

  • You start making Kimchi
  • You start making ramen
  • You start using chop sticks with more food than just ramen :smile:
  • You start shopping at Asian Markets :blush:
  • You want to buy Soju and look for Korean restaurants
  • You start using “Ottokee and Aigoo” in comments
  • Look up OSTs from these dramas and start to sing along (I had a bad phase after SEGA with the OST that Hyun Bin was singing (That man)… Eolmana eolmana…)
    Another OST was (and I recorded it with my singing on my W7 PC) “Hello Hello”
  • You start developing crushes on handsome Asian actors or singers :heart_eyes:
  • No one in your family understands you when you talk about the dramas you’re watching :joy:
  • You want to learn Korean language :blush: and think to visit Korea as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • You start buying facial sheet masks that are “made in Korea” and think now you feel like in those dramas :star_struck::rofl:


I eat almost everything with chopsticks now :joy::joy: It’s like a fun challenge!


Well as I sometimes eat too fast the chop sticks help me to take smaller pieces and eat slower, it’s not for every dish though but chop sticks are also useful as a cooking utensil and it’s easy to wash :rofl: