You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


Exactly. They’re easy to wash and act like two finger extensions you can use to cut and pick up food easily :grin:


It has always been a staple for me - but I kinda have to have Asian food with rice almost daily. But my consumption of rice has gone way up to the point I want an expensive rice cooker to keep out and on all the time.

I FINALLY know how to use CHOPSTICKS


So so true except I talk about it so much - it either gets on their nerves - or they understand what I’m saying “Aigoo” “Chin-cha” I find myself thinking of a Korean word before an English word


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!ha!ha! Oh! Man! You covered it! This is me! ! :rofl: Almost every last one of them, but I prefer Makgeolli (rice wine, or Makkoli) instead of soju, because soju is too strong. When you drink makgeolli you say aaah! Just like they do in the historical dramas, after dashing in to those :kr: open roofed, or side street eateries. :smile: Eating, then drinking out of those wide mouth, shallow bowls.
These are my posts before 2020, still on google maps :smile:! Check 'em out, and my reviews! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Does anyone else have posts on google maps, or a similar site?

🫕 :hamburger: :curry: 🧋 :cup_with_straw::beers:
Places I’ve eaten
“Food” photos!
See what Leerla73 posted to Google Maps


especially when I’m frustrated!
I was hosting a Zoom meeting with my skit team for a project and I got so frustrated at one point because everyone was yelling the same things at the same time that I went “AISHHH JINJJA!!” and everyone just went ??? :joy:
I had to clarify that I hadn’t invented a new English curse word, I’m just an addicted drama fan :woman_facepalming:



“Pali, Pali”’ve-learned-anelpark


[You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When]
your idea of a suspense thriller is watching a drama character cross the road
THE ANXIETY :tired_face::scream:


OR …when you won’t cross the street if you see a white truck …


How about this, eating :shrimp::hot_pepper::tangerine: these, as a regular instead of your own snacks.

Then not thinking, and rubbing
your eyes :eye::eye::tired_face:
I finally got them :eye::eye: to clear
after a bit :laughing::rofl:


These might be easier on the EYES! These are the ones I like!


I might have tried them already, but I’ll definitely find these if they’re in the shops :yum:


They are so crunchy and not TOO sweet! I found them at my local Korean market!


This is my list (just for your knowledge I’ve been learning Korean for a little while so it might have affected my experience):

  • you start speaking sentences in Korean and using expressions like “Aish” and “Aigoo” to your friends and family even though they don’t understand a thing;
  • predicting what the characters are going to say before they actually say it (I was shook, it happened when I was watching Hotel Del Luna);
  • you understand what’s going on even without reading the subtitles.


I am not very good with Korean but I find I get the “jest” of what they are saying without having to watch the subtitles all the time! Aigoo


I laugh everytime I read this :face_with_hand_over_mouth::slight_smile::slight_smile:


I used to do this allll the time​:joy: until recently, when all my predictions are coming out wrong :flushed: guess drama writers have new inspiration!


Today - After going over to animal sit a cat and turtle I said!

Cray - Crum to the CAT! When I couldn’t find her!
Ok Then!


Cats will ignore you in both English or Korean.:stuck_out_tongue:


Yep - totally



Look at what I found :smiley:! Not exactly the same, mines has sweet potato :sweet_potato: