Your Drama with the best ending

I love all kdramas whether a happy end or a sad end :slight_smile: but i want to know which dramas you watched with a happy end and which of them you would recommend :slight_smile:

PS: don´t know whats wrong with the smileys

There are a lot of dramas with ‘almost’ happy ending. I mean, in some dramas the end is leaving that the imagination completes the story on their own ( I don’t know…like in City Hunter ?). But the best happy ending for me is in I Miss You <3.


thats right the ending of i miss you was really good and also the drama itself was very good

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Pasta was really nice. Chef was a jerk for a while but he’s pretty charming.


I really liked secret garden´s ending, because it wasn´t like one of these totally open dramas- and you have to admit, that there children´s were just more than cute- the only things that were bothering me were 1.the mother of Kim Joo Won and 2. that Oska and Tae Sun couldn´t get together- they were so perfect for each other (okay I know, Oska as maybe too old, but althought- you know we would all have liked it :slight_smile: )

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“ps. i dont know what’s wrong with the smileys”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA X.D i cant with u, ur too funnny xD

i would say dramas with good ends would be
*dream high

*BIG (i know u didnt watch this one, and allot of ppl mis-understould it, including me,but now that i get it i can say it was a good ending x.) )

*that winter the wind blows (the BEST ending for me was this one.)

ahahhaahhahahaaha i have to laugh too when you are laughing
Lol what’s wrong with us??

I knooooooooooooooooooooooooowww That winter the wind blows was sooooooo beautiful I still can’t forget ma good looking man and that kiss

They are sooooooooooooooo amazing… Everytime they cried i cried toooo it was just amzing

yesssssssss… and that little girl pic AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA soo funny x.D

she looks like a little bunny hahaha

yes that man is awesome. my favorite kiss was there"first" when he was fighting with her cuz she found out the truth that hes not her brother

so beautiful

Hahahahahah chloe is soooo famous here in Germany
My friend and I always use her face to express our “really??” “Are you kidding me??” Feeling

LOL really? thats funny she is sooo cute haha

i think another good drama ending was in flower boy ramyn shop and 20’s!!! that was a great ending.
and shut up flower boy band, protect the boss, and i hear your voice.

Haha i would say Boys over flower…

Hello! Queen In Hyun’s Man and Rooftop Prince have happy ending ^^
You may cry sometimes while watching them for sadness and laughter kkk. They are at my top drama list and my top recommended because of their ending. =D


Thank you ^^ I watched both and yes they are really good. Loved queen in hyun’s man

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Lol I really don’t like BOF


y not…???

I love lee min ho. But I don’t like the main girl and I don’t know. I watched it because lee min ho was in it. I didn’t like it. Sorry haha

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haha its kool

It’s rear to find a show that doesn’t just tie up the loose ends. Right now, I can only think of Moon Embracing the Sun. But then again, everything about that drama was pretty amazing.

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Ummm let me think…

A gentleman’s dignity!! Great ending with the proposal
I miss you
Coffee Prince
Master’s sun
All INR seasons usually have happy endings
Dream high
May queen had a “good” ending
Playful kiss had a cute ending that went well with the whole drama
School 2013 with the bromance at the end

And after the extended the epilogue…
I love the ending of MLFTS!!!

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