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how about this??



:bug:Looks like a giant caterpillar to me :bug: :laughing:


Thong or Mask? :rofl::rofl:
Kids confusion :joy::joy:





:rofl::rofl: This lady was born wayyy! too early!! :rofl:
Look at her jammin’! :joy:
Clip is 0:59


Two of the seven MazeLee kids.
See photo, to find clip in link above.
MazeLee Kids
The stuff kids say :joy: click the link, and press play.
#Momlife #Momproblem

I gotta say though, mom Mazelee has spent her entire adult college years expecting her seven kids. Those kids attended college as they developed in her womb. So, if any of her kids say stuff, they may be unquestionable. :joy:


I don’t know if anyone does this but thought I’d share it anyway and yes my laugh for the day




I honestly don’t know where to put this one but here goes





Marbles :rofl: not in the least surprising, that would be any country’s typical political hub.





this is more for a chuckle

I just couldn’t pass this by

the cat is a stray, and my dog JJ, looks like they are being friends here







a friend of mine put this on FB this morning, this is a small town that has grown by leaps and bounds, what if one of your little towns this happens to? heres a laugh for you today

Repost from What’s up Fuquay-Varina

Just a word of caution. From Fuquay-Varina

Before you come to our area to visit you must be aware of what is happening here. People are moving to Fuquay-Varina in record numbers, there’s a housing shortage, rent has doubled, and folks are visiting here in record numbers…

So if you plan on moving here, or just plan on visiting our area I think you should know that red ants, fire ants and bedbugs have infested hotels and motels across the area due to a dryer than usual spring.

Mountain lions have eaten all domesticated animals and some small children.

The local bear and elk population are all ‘in heat’ and think your wife/girlfriend is hot.

The poison ivy has overtaken all other vegetation, except for the abundance of psilocybin mushrooms.

We have had bear sightings at every park and town… and some cougars in motel rooms.

Watch out for the jackalopes, they have been extremely aggressive this season.

We have Bigfoot invading our parks, and porcupines “stabbing” small children should they dare to enter the forest.

Skunks have made their way over and multiplied at unprecedented rates and wander the local campgrounds in packs looking for beer.

Murder hornets!?! We’ve got great black clouds of murder hornets, flying ants, and swarms of Mormon crickets and even some Alabama grasshoppers.

Scorpions have been congregating in massive quantities under rocks, logs and automobiles, and tarantulas are now stealing peoples food, and biting like crazy.

I’m pretty sure all private tiger owners have released their cats into the streets of our cities and towns.

Head lice now fly… right beside the bats.

So stay where you are, in your own province, state or county where it’s safe!

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