Your laugh for the day






This is so funny! :rofl: The look on his face, when he ask his age! :joy:



I hope y’all understand this one

80’s this past weekend ,now 50’s, so this reminded me of the change in temps







You’re gonna chuckle a lot! :rofl:

Several days later, I’ve come across another creator’s post, chock-full of laughs



It’s Kingsday today in the Netherlands and then I somehow always end up watching this which makes me laugh so hard:

It’s not Queensday anymore and the shops where open most of the time and I also didn’t go to any flea market or any event today. Also I don’t have anything orange to wear either to celebrate the King 's birthday🤣






I just had to share this one!




When budget cuts taka hit in the K-9 department




just to get someone to laugh!



may not be a laughing thing, but I love this one !


now this is your laugh for the day!!



p/s not my cousin




so I am psychopathic!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: