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We see the laugh
This is the real deal!
:rofl: :firecracker: :rofl:
Granddaughter got
tapped, next, she
better duck!
:anger: :joy:

Breakdowns from
(Beleaf in Fatherhood)
Starring: Uzi!


May 17th
You’ll laugh, and giggle through this video.



its not mine, but I thought it was quite funny


It is! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I’ve made an alligator out of a busted tire, torn, and tossed against the fench on a bridge. :rofl::rofl: Walking in the evening, and at night, causes one’s imagination to peak! :joy: I literally crossed the street, wayyy before I got to it, and was prepared for flight! :joy: :rofl::joy:




Looks like I’ll need to see what the prices for a horse is. Time to go horse back riding down the streets. :rofl:


don’t forget price of horse food, the hay and care of them. heheheh, yeah would have to learn how to ride them!!!


There’s plenty of free grass in the fields hehehe
Do horses even eat fresh grass? :thinking:

They might require less maintenance than a car. :laughing:


I googled it, cause of course I am curious, this is just a piece of what I did find

The University of Maine’s survey of 82 horse owners, owning a total of 470 horses estimates that an owner with an average number of 6 horses, weighing 1100 lbs at 1.5 lbs per cwt per day for 9 months (on pasture the other 3 months) costs $1, 214 in hay and grain. Add an additional average of $194 for pasture maintenance and you’re looking at $1,405 per year.

so this also includes what they need, also depends on the horse too, maintenance, does look like cheaper than car. hmmm maybe we otta change to the horse, course I would have to learn to ride the horse if I don’t have a carrage that is.



That’s not bad at all. One car repair costs as much as that in one trip. Too bad I live in a big city. I would honestly get a horse and ride a carriage or something. I’m ready to retire to the countryside.


uh oh another test! ande I must admit I don’t recall some of these myself, so have fun





going to be a long day!




:joy::joy: Funny shorts :joy::joy:



boy do I ever!!