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Not really Christmassy but still beautiful 🦌

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A deer walked into a store in Colorado. The shop owner gave her some cookies. After leaving the store, she returned after half an hour with her entire family.


y’all I just gotta share this,





Thanks for that laugh @frustratedwriter :rofl::rofl::rofl: what a tip!! :rofl:


thought you would get a kick out of it



the younger group probably doesn’t get it but this was a show called “get smart” and phone was installed in his shoe




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spooky!! not my daughter either


I’ll make up for the doll


guard dog


be afraid , very afraid!


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You’re so guilty :smile::smile::smile:


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I don’t have fb, never have, never will, so! Haha! Jokes on you! :smile::smile::smile:


Cuteness Who dares accuse this baby of rolling her eyes? She’s just being herself, as a baby! Your Lol is just gonna pop right out! Watch! :rofl: