Your laugh for the day


Thank You so very much, You Brighten my Day. ~kd
And started a Family discussion.


Likewise! Or, as the Japanese say: こちらこそ (kochira koso o)


You too!! Y’all make me laugh so hard when I’m having a bad day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



ok enough stupid for the day, so y’all I do hope you smile,giggle,. or laugh with these.




hahahaha I like the Browns winning the Super Bowl

  • 2021 Death Star positions itself by Earth



ok smile!!


Spread the smile :slight_smile: IG @smilesquadskits

how to make someone smile in 2020

looks like this didn’t work, sorry y’all


Da verbreite ich das Lächeln mit

           ☺️ 😃


Danke, hopefully I spelled that right!


Totally correct! :slight_smile:


Who says old people don’t have a sense of humor?
I disagree, she does have.


:blush::heart_eyes: well I do try! thanks for the compliment


ok for the seamstresses on here.

well it made me laugh.




ok thsts enough!!


Does this mean I am some sort of depressed person with bipolar disorder and sometimes anxiety kicks in along with ADD/ADHD and also a paranoid but I don’t need to buy another sewing machine :sweat_smile::rofl:


yep thats about right. hehehehe

one more


LOL The question of all questions did it survive, do we need to call pet rescue?


Or an ambulance, cause the coffee drinker got a heart attack? :thinking: