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I really thought it was the sea, just looking at the first half of picture!


It rings a bell! I watched a video about that by clicking randomly! The concept is from Carl Jung.

I watched another video about “complexes theory” by Carl Jung.

From what they say in the other video:

To know who we really are, we have to go beyond the social masks we put and show at appropriate times. He calls these masks, “the personas”. These personas or masks don’t define us.
What does that mean? Another kind of travel!
Travel in the unconscious self to discover who we really are.

Personas visuals they used in the other video to make us understand better:

Another quote they added (not from Jung apparently):


psychology!!! abnd if I recall the drama He is psychometric had a picture, well almost like it, I thought I seen it before! I did take a course in Psychology, really interesting to find out all those things! criminal, genius, saint

like the old indiasn chief said, we have two wolves inside us, and the one whichever one you choose to feed, is the one that will come out( I didn’t phrase that right)
just watched the video

so id rather stay home! read a book, watch the dramas, etc etc!!
oh my goodness!! hehehehehe think bedore I speak loved it , thanks for sharing!




Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the video so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You know @frustratedwriter, all the images and memes you share here, I share them with my friends and even they enjoy them a lot. They especially liked this one. :rofl::rofl:


I thought this one was very funny,





so t6hats why I forget!!


This might not bring laughter at the beginning but the end is amazing.


That explains a lot :smiley:

Is it this tale?

It’s the first time I read this tale, that is an interesting tale!! I will remember it!

I saw this house somewhere LOL on the internet! They call it the “Shark Attack Home”, located in Headington, Oxford.

More strange houses coming!!

The Keret House in Polland:

So tiny! Like a capsule house!

The Upside Down House at Trassenheide in Germany:


Your reflex was not to turn your head upside down to see the pic? Mine was!

I don’t think people live in this house XD

The Teapot house in China!

No teapot without eggs!

The Egg House in Beijing in China:

The Gue(ho)st House in Delme in France:

It’s a renovated prison house.

The Montaña Mágica Lodge in Chile:

There’s a water cascade.

The Toilet-Shaped House called “Haewoojae” in South Korea:

It’s a toilet museum.

I don’t know if SK has something with toilets, but there’s a poop cafe in Insadong in SK!

The cup is cute :smile:

A book building in Perme in Russia! Literrally!

Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho:



All these houses are so cute!
I might need to calm my brain before even entering the poop cafe :rofl::rofl:

But how do they even enter into this house?


Is this where the WE BARE BEARS live? :laughing:


Do you know I asked myself exactly the same question :rofl: Like just a few moments ago, I was like where’s the door?

It’s more clear here:


Hobbits house! What a cosy house!


I am a minimalist, so I absolutely loved the architecture but it could be too scary for me to spend nights here :smile:


all of you did good!! love those houses! piranna, yes thats the story I heard that so many years ago,

like y’all how in the world can we get into the houses??