Your laugh for the day



“Just said a virologist on TV:
The best weapon in the war against the coronavirus is common sense:”

“We are lost! Most of us are unarmed.”


The fox really likes the weird ground :laughing:



PLEASE not another blonde joke!


heres one that will bring a smile to your face





yeah I put this one here, thought someone would get a laugh!!
njote; there was only one perfect, and they crucified Him!


The Putatoz and Unyuns made my day! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


well I thought it would be a good laugh


Sant6a claus is watchin you



what a neat idea!


oh dear, imagine people actually taking these guys out for walks instead of dogs​:joy::joy: just thinking about it makes me laugh!



I just found an interesting fact:
When you have SLS and want the female lead to choose the second lead, then the male lead becomes the second lead and you get SLS again, it’s a never ending cycle.


NO not another blonde joke!! yep hope you enjoy it anyway


ok Dr Who Fans???

I cannot believe how long this show has been around!

p/s isn’t that better than the blonde jokes?


Haven’t kept up with the recent seasons of doctor who, but I do love watching them :grin:


I haven’t either, and was trying to find it, you tube only plays a few minutes, I know NF & Hulu used to have it, BBC well thats another story but I sure would love to do some catch up,


Sometimes I think some people like the SML JUST BECAUSE he’s the second lead and they feel sorry for him. :joy::joy: some people are never satisfied


I heard Jack is back! oh now I have to really find it! and yes I am a DR Who fanatic, right along with my other fantacies, Atlantis & Lemuria!! maybe I should contact Dr who and see if HE/SHE can find it if they haven’t already!

ahhhhh! coffee!!