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My laugh of the day? I can’t believe I’m crying so much because of the START UP finale. What an awesome drama made by younger crowd and I’m gonna miss with all my heart!!!1


is it really that good? well another to watch then







ok heres mine for the day, just imagine your granny trying to get on something. I am so glad I don’t do that, but theres still people that are in this catagory! laugh ok?








What a big cat!


Now they say, one can celebrate Christmas with 10 people without any problems. But who knows10 people without a problem![:question:|


LOL tests they can do!

Laughs of the previous weeks:

  • Irmar made me wait almost 2 hours before our lesson! Really busy!
    Later, it was really late, I was asking her a question about a crochet pattern, she fell asleep but managed to answer something! I didn’t understand the answer, she told me it was normal, she must have been answering something random while sleeping :rofl:

  • Mother told me she went outside to cut some flowers and wild grass outside in the park. I told her people might confuse her for a public gardener. She told me "Oh people even said hi to me!" She even invited her sister to go cut wild grass with her. My aunt thought why would we go cut wild grass with this temperature outside?? Near 0 °C!

When she told me she needed a hammer, I was like “Huh? Mom, why do you need a hammer?? You can ask Dad for that, don’t break any bones.”

She wants to make a Christmas wreath with these plants and this hammer. If you begin to take my mother to a plants shop, you’re done. Removing weeds in her garden was like a treasure hunt for a child like me!

Another superstition she told me this week: if we break a salt fish sauce bottle, it’s bad omen. She told me to be careful when dealing with a salt fish sauce bottle. I asked her, “But have you ever broken a salt fish bottle?” “No, of course not!” “Then how do you know?” “You see, your aunt… It’s really true!”

A superstition I don’t have heard of: gifting home slippers for winter. My stepsister asked me if it was a bad omen to gift them, maybe it meant that we wanted that someone to go away! Since some relatives already gifted me home slippers for previous Christmas, I just said “Probably not.” I might never buy home slippers if that’s the case lol

Things I tasted this week were a type of bun made by my aunt. I thought the smell was really strange, but kept eating it. My mother told me after I finished it that the smell was because my aunt poured half of the vinegar bottle for the aesthetical reason of having less brownish homemade buns :scream:

I think that’s why I became constipated this week!

Another sentence that I like from my mom.

I: "Do you drink enough water a day?"

Mom: “But I drink a lot every day! I drink tea! You don’t see how many cups I drink a day!”

This is just typical from her!

  • Sister has a new mattress, but she likes to sleep on a really hard mattress. Since her second mattress under her new mattress is not new and softer, she just put her new mattress on the ground and slept on it :joy:

  • Father is crazy about his grandson, even more than Mother. He had to do a chore for my mother in the shopping center, he went to buy shoes for his grandson and spent one hour discussing with the salesman while texting urgently to ask for the shoes size lol My mother phoned him to know if he could do the task she gave him, he almost forgot about it XD

  • Grandson is learning to speak. Santa Claus sounds like Santa Clas and “please” kinda sounds like he’s accusing us of having farted in French :rofl: New game for him: the Christmas calendar! He’s learning numbers with boxes with numbers on it. If he can find the correct box and say the number correctly, he can take the cookie or candy that my stepsister put the same morning inside or if it’s too big to fit, she just gives him a toy or clothes!



OMG This one is HILARIOUS!


how about this one?




I said Leav e me alone!!
or I haven’t had my coffee yet

so what do you say?


ok,ok, so "trying " to be funny

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