Your laugh for the day






:joy::joy::joy: The abs one is so relatable! After watching Lee Minhyuk’s MV for his song “Ya”, I was determined to get abs like him. I did well for about a year and a half, even getting back to ab exercises after a surgery. Then, I stopped in October 2020 for various reasons. I would think, oh, just ten minutes, I can do it, then nope! Finally, I inspired myself by watching the MV again and I started doing them two days ago. The fact that Christmas sweets and my mother’s tiramisu still exist doesn’t help my exercise goals!

The other one with the black cats is great! I love black cats, it’s just that for some reason my family attracts the gray and ‘blue’ cats. My first cat was a gray and white cat, and the ones I have now are blue and gray with white markings.


ok y’all heres one for us cat lovers

just don’t forget, they rule!!


anyone having fun in the snow where you are?



It’s a San Francisco house. :yum:


hehehehe, yes I did think of that one



wheres my coffee???


ok this is Monday, so bear with me











I am so tired of hearing all this negativity, on tv, in the media, facebook and all this is why I am putting all this stuff here, not just placing stuff here to waste space, just to goive you a laugh and even a smile, I really hope y’all are checking these things out.



I love to watch reaction videos. Here’s a gooder one.

GAWD - These guys make my face hurt. :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


ah… Smoke dance is so much fun. :grin:


Ah that’s the video I was talking about in the other discussion. Yes, they are funny :smile: