Your laugh for the day


ooooo spooky ot a time travel thing.


@frustratedwriter Maybe I should steal that line from the railroad company and start writing a novel … :wink:
P.S. It was in bright daylight though


maybe you can come up with something, a passing train that wasn’t there??


That could be your opening sentence! :sunglasses:

It was in bright daylight. Lutra stepped outside to admire the beautiful flowers, when suddenly she heard a voice …


lol…I would be so scared if it happened to me bc I believe Ghost do exist and I would believe a ghost talked to me.

PS> What if it was the train on the other side of the track?


There was no train on either side of the platform, I suspect that the controller who is in charge of the loudspeakers must have programmed the wrong station all this time this special announcement was never heard before. Normally it is something you hear on bigger rail stations with more people around. On our platform 8 is already considered a crowd.
And today it has bright sunny weather, almost no cloud and it feels so hot I read 28 degree and that was in the shadow.


I went out a while ago and had to hurry home is 90 degrees again, since last week; with that mask on, the feeling it’s indescribable. I read that in a part of Russia where they have glaziers from the cold, they had 100 degree weather, and the lake was completely melted and kids were swimming and so happy. Talking about global warming. My Island has earthquake almost every day since back in December (4.0), and Mexico City (Puebla) had a 7.4 earthquake today.

No laughing matter what’s going on in this world.


heres one;
Tonight I an going to have possum soup from Himalayan possum, because I found Himalayan on the road ( oh and I am not having Possum!!)
If you think you are too small to make a difference,try sleeping with a mosquito

ok everyone wheres the laughs??

heres a link that you may like



how many months has 28 days?

can’t play the video


Ummmmmmmmm … One, maybe? :thinking::joy:

Maybe it works if you play them on YouTube? Just click on the word “YouTube” in the down right corner of the videos.


ok will do!



I never thought I would feel so happy and laugh so much from seeing so much traffic, waiting on the longest line to pay for the things I bought at Marshalls store, and in the Supermarket (prices are back to normal).
My daughter thought I was losing my mind but i couldn’t stop laughing when I saw so many cars, crowds, congested traffic, cops all over the place (for a change)! Finally some normalcy in our life and I pray it stays that way. You don’t know what you got until you lose it!


You don’t know what you got until you lose it! so true!!


I use to complain so much about the heavy traffic and large crowds and now I welcome them with open arms! hahahahahaha


Mary you said something so true, it’s also my weakness. My white canvas is waiting, my yarns are waiting, crochet hooks and needles sleeping… and and and once upon a time “ideas” have lined up.
I haven’t completely given up yet :joy::heart_eyes:


so glad to know someone else is the same way! thanks fr the uplift, I don’t feel as bad now! and they all are stil waiting! not gathering dust cause I do move them

have a great day everyone, and smile! give someone one of yours, be a blessing to someone today!

this one is a repeat, but thought it was needed today

Life is better when you are laughing
2 laughter is the tranquilizer with no side effects so please take it regularly
3 always laugh when you can its cheap medicine
4 laughter a day keeps the doctor away
5 find something to laugh about, look in the mirror

so y’all I need some laughter today!


Yes Mary, laughter is the best medicine! Many “moons” ago, I stumbled over this “laughter Yoga” video that was funny to watch, I never knew something like this ever existed :wink: :joy:
(unfortunately with corona such close groups aren’t that good!)


going to watch this! I did! the drinking milk e was funny!! oh my goodness!!! loved it, thanks for the laughter!