Your laugh for the day


heres one you might like;

what did the dalmation say after he ate? that hit the spot/

ao y’all have a great day, laugh!!


ok y’all ready?

why don’t ants get sick?
because they have anty bodies

don’t think the morning jogging is the thing for me, my coffee constiantly spills over the cup

then I discover the sports cups! awesome!!


most of you don’t do your family trees (genealogy)

but something happened to me this morning while doing some research. my little avatar is 9tailed fox or foxy lady, keep that in mind

I was researching one of my lines(way family) which is a bugger of a problem, and won;t go into detail here.

While researching one of the ancestors,
I discovered she married a FOX, it struck me I AM a FOX after all!! I just couldn’t stop laughing for a bit. sorry this is so long but just had to share this one. now to find out if they are really related.

y’all have a great/blessed day!



why did the student eat his homework?
cause his teacher said it was a piece of cake

our ants enjoy inside dining
and they don’t use social distancing


I just had to share this one, laugh for the day!


what did the picke say to the pickle that fell out of the jar? Dill with it


well I goofed, I did the wrong thing, hope this makes up for it

  1. forgot persons name 30 seconds after it was said
    2 running, late, that is
    3making plans then regretting them
    4thinking of a great comeback an hour later
    5digging through the trash to find container cause I forgot the directions1


what do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?



what is a witch’es favorite subject in school? spelling


my pet snake is 3.14 meters long he’s a :gemini: thon. well that’s as close as I can get to pi


Better not get a π-ranha as a pet! :wink:


This couldn’t be more relatable… XD


10 fun facts

  1. you can’t see your ears without a miurror
  2. you can’t count your hair
    3 you can’t breathe through your nose with yourf tongue sticking out
    4 you just tried #3
    6 when you tried #3 you realized that it is possible, only you look like a dog
    7 you are smiling right now because you were fooled
    8 you skipped #5
    9 you just checked to see if there were a #5
    10 share this with others, so they can have fun too!

y’all have a great & blessed day!


How did you know? :rofl:


What?! How is this possible? Are you reading my mind?! :rofl: :laughing:


yeah I am psychic, and if you believe that then pigs fly! this one of those old things the southern folks say when they don’t know how to respond to something…


heres an old one, much older than me so that tells you something about this one

what walks on all fours, then on two then three?

another oldie
as round as an apple and thin as a knife you guess this riddle and well will leave that blank.

ok no one answered. #1 a baby crawling #2 a person walking #3 person with a cane

next. its a dime well the USA anyway, this one was ancient!!


Before watching a new drama seriously I was trying a Chinese drama and came across a line that really made me laugh.
To help you a bit about the content it’s not about aliens, so attention here it comes:
“I came to pick your brain …”
Maybe reason or rationality, haha, I think it was a bit of an unlucky “pick” (choice), not that I add to the confusion.


a good one Lutra!

now how do you make a lemon drop? just drop the lemon!