Your laugh for the day


Oh! You incorrigible teenager! - Go to the principle’s office! Immediately! :smirk: :rofl:

I do understand that. I do that a lot when listening to kpop. They’ll sing word that has syllables that sounds like words in Tagalog. My mind instantly translates it into Tagalog. I know it isn’t Tagalog, but it makes my mind snaps like a rubber band. :rofl:


Lots of “misheard lyrics” in k-pop (including the Japanese versions of it):

Come back to psycho! :scream:

No more diarrhea :hospital:


Ahahhaha! BTS- Suga’s first love is a ‘car sick’ piano.


I guess he had to move for his love, cause the piano could not come to him! :rofl:


A part of me wonders if the piano calls out, “I get shotgun!” when getting into a car. :smile:

Oh! T/N - explanation of the phrase “I get shotgun!” It is an old phrase dating back to the wild west days when the Wells Fargo coach carrying a bankroll chest full of silver would have to drive through bandit territory at top speed. The guy up front next to the driver carried the shotgun to ward off bandits while the driver raced through the bad territory.

I don’t know if that is an expression back east though. That expression is all over California. It is definitely a western US regional phrase.


I had never heard of it! :joy:


Yea, you call it out competitively and dive for the front seat before your other friends can get to it. All the losers have to drive ‘coach’. :smile:



So CUUUTTEE!!! 안녕!


Jessi’s interviews are really funny :smile:


oh no!! another blonde joke!!



ok another smile for ya



Home arrest getting to ya, eh? :rofl:


ooooooojhhhhhhhh yes!!!






30 minutes ago I was considering going for a walk with my dog JJ. (short haired chihawhaw)40 degree weather. so I got this little jacket for him, got it on him and we started walking. course he had to chase a cat, and then for a short time couldnt find him, and when I did, he politely “told” me no way I am not going to walk in this thing, and he went back home! wow, he sure told me in uncertain words!




ok everybody, here is my “snow” picture, yeah my laugh for the day

I will say in other parts of NC there was at least 4-10"

I couldn’t pass this one by, guess what it means