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ok I did this on Facebook so here ya go

y’all I am off here for a while, I thought I’d go skiing um no sledding, um no thats not it either, oh skating, no thats not it either, yeah! angels in the snow, oh no thats not either. OH I know to stay home, keep warm, be safe, and finiash my crocheting project

p/s and if no one saw my "snow"picture you will see why the laughter


ok an awwww moment



this lady is nuts!!! hehehehehehe:rofl::rofl::rofl:

my laugh for the day







nawww I will have kernals opf corn with me


LOVE that budget sushi! :rofl: It would have been even funnier with a strand of spaghetti to wrap it.

I saw the WEIRDEST bilingual pun yesterday when I was subbing! It made my mind go Zoink! :laughing:

ASC - After School Club. They bring in various Kpop groups, discuss albums, sing, dance, play games and a bunch of other stuff.

Anyway. The MCs, ‘Jamie’ speaks English and Young K from ‘Even of Day’ speaks really good English.

So they were playing a Bingo game and one of the squares said, “I SEE”.

In Korean, Jamie said, “나는 보” which means I See
Immediately in Korean, Young K replied,“나는 바다” which means "I SEA"
which was a double pun because it also referred to their new song, 'Where the sea sleeps’.

No one would understand that pun unless they spoke both Korean and English. I really like puns, especially bilingual puns. It’s even funnier when they weren’t speaking English at all but made a pun in English anyway. :rofl:
똑똑한 That Young K is quick. :sunglasses:

Of course! The answer is always:


What does 42 mean in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

42 (or forty-two) is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. This Answer was first calculated by the supercomputer Deep Thought after seven and a half million years of thought.



Oh! Angel! You gotta look at that cuchara! (Go to 5:18)

:laughing: Those guys do a lot of stuff on YouTube. My cousin sent me this link. :laughing:

Oh! and I guess ‘THE CUCHARA’ is known in Korea too!

That’s Bang Chan from Stray kids going after one of his hellions. The whipersnapper is talking back to his Hyung.

My # 3 sister used to wave her cuchara around at her kids who usually ignored her for the most part, but I have that ‘look’ that gets instant behavior. #6 sister was so jealous of it.
She’d say, “How do you get these kids to do what you want so easily. They don’t listen to me until I have to get up and go after them.”
I’d tell her, “They know I mean it.”
She’d complain, “I mean it too!”
“No you don’t. You taught your kids that you are just making noise until you get up.”
(I have ‘The LOOK’) :laughing:

Oh, and when we were kids, when my brothers and sisters were disrespecting # 1, I’d get my mom’s ravioli stick and wave it at them. It was a very effective way to gain their ‘respect’ , uh, er… compliance.

And now, for us quarantined people…

The following superstitions have been proven to be probably true according to our Tias, (Aunties)

And you want to fight with ALexa? :rofl: :smirk:

That last song was, I want to smell your cod Maria. :laughing: :smirk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


An intro to La Isla del Encanto: Puerto Rico. I didn’t see the Camuy Caves

If you ever visit my Island go the the CAMUY CAVES; THEY FILMED BATMAN FOREVER IN THERE. Awesome experience. I heard they reopened them after repairs done. $15 entrance worth every penny. It must cost more now.

I love this place was there 2012


oh my goodness! stuff to watch today!


This tiktok trend is really funny :smile: I see so many of them on social media.


I got my FIRST all in KOREAN AD today on YouTube of all places!
For Korea Ginseng Corp. for really expensive supplements drinks and skincare!

yea. I am a broke kid so I have to pass on he skincare stuff. :laughing: (plus it’s not gonna make me young again anyway. :unamused: :rofl:)


Uh. WTH?? :flushed::rofl:



I like this the most :heartbeat:



New Alexa commercial is HILARIOUS! :rofl:


would love to send my son this!!