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ok Porkypine, I sent it!!


That’s what the eyes in the back of the head are for. Reading stuff backwards.


now we know





the words are easy to ready I couldn’t first figure out the beginning, lol it’s a mirrored text, lol.
I did the other day on youtube some fun eye riddles, it’s an eye training, it’s fun an interesting. They say only small amount of people can swiftly or at all find the difference or the asked, it depends all on how your eyes see not necessarily your vision strength but your perception :wink:





Where do you get all these memes? :shushing_face::grin:


porkypine , pinterest, face book, and googled some

ok here is your valentine gift, I liked the succulents though.








here is my laugh for the day


p/s I don’t,I have false teeth



That’s interesting! If I painted stripes on me, would that reduce the number of mosquito bites I get?
나는 생각하고있다 :thinking: :rofl: :smirk:


could try it!!! hehehe
how about this


I laughed at the died Suddenly one, better to die of Suddenly rather than Slow Excruciating I guess.


I want to know, what is planet and how do you die from it? Does Mars fall on your head? nah, that would kill the entire earth, not to mention make a huge mess in the inner solar system…

So how does one die of planet?


heheheheh,have no idea!!


ok this is for y’all with snow. really didn’t know where to put this one, but heres a laugh for you

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Step 1 - build several mounds of snow in your yard.

Step 2 - make eye holes in the mounds, facing the neighbour’s house.

Step 3 - add glow sticks


Was curious about that too, I had to go Google for the answer, apparently it’s to do with the strong belief in astrology at the time, as in the planets were aligned or misaligned to cause the death. Would have thought that would only be an actual case of someone’s death if say a bunch of nut jobs killed someone as some kind of sacrifice when a certain alignment occurred. (like back in Dec 21st 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn were the closest since 1623)


Death By Planet and Other Silliness

Human beings believe a lot of funny things.

For example, of the 9,535 reported deaths in London in the year 1632, thirteen (13) of them were allegedly caused by Planet.¹

As in, “the planets were aligned” or “misaligned” or “Mercury was in retrograde.”

This “death by Planet” belief was thanks to the pseudoscience of astrology, which was popular and accepted as fact at the time. Court astrologer was an official position. Queen Elizabeth I even had her own personal astrologer. A man, John Dee, who was basically paid to make stuff up.

When I was a teenager raised in my Island Puerto Rico, I believed a lot in Astrology(it was the new thing back in the 70’s), and we had a very famous Astrologer; WALTER MERCADO that to me had no faults, and I believed 100% in his astrological predictions. I would be in such fear when he said ''The planet is retrograde in such and such… and you are in danger of accidents: be careful around water body (sea/river) cars (accidents) or he would add I think is time to do a medical check up and especially check your heart. That week was the most miserable week of my life since I was expecting the retrograde upside down planet to come down and strike me in the head. Poor me.