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Aw… pobrecito… We need to have the banjo for you then. As my second mother made us do when someone had to have the banjo, “Go to the church and steal the holy water. Don’t let the priest catch you.”

:rofl: Lots of culture in that order above.
Mom is Taino, Ohlone and Apache. So, to go steal the holy water is to steal their power. Which was needed for the spiritual cleansing. :sunglasses: (Yea, what kind of Catholic is this girl anyway? ) NOT much of one. :smirk::grin:




this is for y’all that has a bunch of snow!


The snow was finally melting when yesterday we hit almost 50 degrees and it was sunny. I could finally see my small car, and right now we havefreezing rain mixed with snow (just started), and tomorrow and Friday more snow. I hate snow with all my heart.


my son at 5 years old, wanted to run away from home, he only went to the corner. I thought this was neat. hope you like it.
Every month Martín’s parents took a trip to see Grandma and came home on the same train the next day.

One day the child said to his parents:

′′I’m already grown up.

Can I go to my grandma’s alone?"

After a brief discussion, his parents accepted.

They stood with him as he waited for the train to exit.

They said goodbye to their son and gave him some tips through the window.

Martin repeated to them:

′′I know. I’ve been told this more than a thousand times."

As the train was about to leave, his father murmured in his ear:

′′Son if you feel bad or insecure, this is for you!"

And he put something in his pocket.

Now Martin was alone,

sitting on the train as he had wanted,

without his parents for the first time.

He was admiring the landscape out the window.

Around him some unknowns pushed themselves in.

They made a lot of noise.

They got in and out of the train car.

The conductor made some comments about him being alone.

One person looked at him with eyes of sadness.

Martin was feeling more uneasy with

every minute that passed.

And now he was scared.

He felt cornered and alone.

He put his head down, and

with tears in his eyes,

He remembered his dad had

Put something in his pocket.

Trembling, he searched for what his father had given him.

Upon finding the piece of paper he read it:

′′Son, I’m in the last train car!".

That’s how life is,

We must let our kids go

We must let them try new things.

But we always like to be

In the last car, watching,

in case they are afraid

or in case they find obstacles and don’t know what to do.

We want to be close to them.

as long as we are still alive

how do you tie two hondas together??

With Accord



lol… BP?..? …? I hadda thunk a minute about dat one dere… :grin:





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an yone guess what it is??





That’s #1 Known cause of breast cancer. I take mines out bc I may love the design of the bra but NOT those cancer causing metal things. BEWARE of those.


my sister said the same thing and yes she had breast cancer too. and thank you for the RIGHT answer! I said needle…



sure need to do that today!!

oh yeah!!



Laughing so hard :rofl:


My laugh for the day. Snow again, so I went to clean my car, and change the parking place it bc they tend to bury the cars under snow on the right side of the street (I need to find why that happens so much). I was lucky and I saw a spot on the left side but in the rush to get in the car (before I loose the darn parking spot) I slipped and hit a bump that was hard as a rock from the last snowstorm we had. I fall hard on my a*s shovel and all, and it was painful as hell bc is really hard ice (we have 23degree temps for days now). I struggled to get up, and I look around and see a few ppl looking my way (ugh) and to stop feeling stupid I start kicking the lump that made me fall and start cursing it as I laughed like an idiot. I think I made things worst by doing that.


I hate those things! They always pop out and poke you!


Don’t worry about them. They just did the same thing but you weren’t looking their way at the time. :laughing:

Yea I braved the ice today. Got hungry for Jimmy John’s. At least I have a driveway to park my car in. BUT the snow plows block it when they drive past.


Man! Being a polyglot can be SO MESSED UP! :roll_eyes: Here I am working on Korean translations and some of the Korean sounds the same as Dakota words… AARGH!!! My mind just moves right on over to Dakota and translates the Dakota meaning…

uh. yea… THOUSANDS of miles apart - those two languages… Absolutely NO connection between them! :rofl: ah yea., just shoot me! :dizzy_face: :upside_down_face:

혹시 (hokshe)
Korean - by any chance
Dakota - boy

…Uh yea., just shoot me!


thats why I don’t even try to do any translation mm maybe spanish? poketo (little bit)