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Don’t you know? That’s an ancient Chinese ritual! :rofl::rofl::rofl:




mirjam_ 465 , all of them have 28 days


hehehehehehe, yeah ! don’t wan’t to get into that


I seen this this morning, it gave me a chuckle, thought it would give you one, too


This made me laugh, it reminds me old school Kpop and it’s catchy:


He’s done a few of these ‘translating songs into Chinese’ now, and they are funny :laughing:


Haha :rofl: His videos always make me laugh. They’re absolutely insane. :joy:


A little kid is pulling a rope down the beach when a man asks the kid “Why are you pulling that rope?” the kid replies " Have you ever tried pushing a rope."

and what tree do you hold in your hand? a palm


In the middle of a heated debate the other day over the right to bear arms I chimed in with my 2 cents. “I stand by this decision and will defend it to the bitter end. Anyone should have the right to bare arms, I mean if you are comfortable in a sleeveless then I say go for it!” Laughing people do not argue…bet you didn’t know that. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy

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Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Twaied Tae 也 GRANDMA'S FAMILY TREE RESEARCH This is just the index'

Just one time a laugh for some of you that are doing research for your families…



I wish I could go back that far in my family tree :laughing:


This gave me a big smile on my face.
I finished this week’s fantastic episodes of It’s okay to not be okay and was reading comments on the episodes.

Someone highlighted this IG story and someone on Twitter translated it. Apparently, the actor who plays the brother with autism went to comfort a fan, dressed as the character he plays in the drama. The fan, who is a cellist and has developmental disabilities (as his sister describes), was sad to see the character cry in the drama, so he asked his sister if he could meet the character / actor, so he could comfort him. So sweet. The actor met him dressed as the character and gave him a toy that the character in the drama likes.


I stumbled across these on YT. It wasn’t really the videos itself that were funny; there was just something about him that was really hilarious. And lol he really likes cucumbers. :cucumber:


My dad really loves watching series and a while ago he was talking about Vagebond but now he’s planning on My Mister. When I saw I asked why he was watching my ahjusshi. And he was like no this is called something with A-Joe-Schji. I was thinking nah this isn’t Chinese (how he pronounced it it sounded more Chinese to me)?! Then he went it’s also called my mister. I know! My Ahjusshi!

Really I died laughing when he tried to pronounce it. Reminds me I still need to complete that Kdrama. To bad the Kdrama doesn’t have Dutch subs on Viki, and I’m not planning to sub it all, otherwise my parents could watch it together.


ok heres a cookie one. why did the cookie be admited to the hospital? cause he felt crummy, good grief


I come here everyday because all of the funny comments make me happy. Have a good day everyone!


why was baby strawberry crying? cause her parents were in a jam