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:sunglasses: :rofl:
This one popped up on my desktop background pictures. It always makes me giggle.
Xing Zao Lin - screen capture from a show where he is a reluctant model. They coerced him into taking a picture of him holding his book that he had authored. He didn’t want his picture taken. They plastered this photo all over Shanghai! :sunglasses: :rofl: :laughing: :scream: :rofl: :joy: He has such a forlorn expression. :rofl:


BENDITO…he looks so sad.


Can you imagine seeing your sad image plastered all over Shanghai? On busses, the subway, offices. etc. EVERYWHERE! :laughing:


Is he advertising for Band-Aids? Not too appealing if you ask me.


Nope he’s being his quirky self - he tends to be more edgy! I love it!!! :fire:


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I almost too, just basic when going outside. But these Asian Make-Up look so surreal, it looks different in picture or video, if you looked at the person’s face in real, you’d probably see all the “paint” it is still an interesting art many people fall for… and it keeps the cosmetic industry alive… some products might be good but you gotta also read the label…

Now how would this work with a face reader on iphone… one day one face another day another although it’s the same person… also if you’d fly and wear make up, lol… a finger print is still more exact.


I have really mixed feelings about young women adopting “cosplay normal” as the way that real women are supposed to look.

Therefore, I want to propose a different laugh of the day regarding unrealistic views of beauty and wealth.


I understand that, in certain cultures, there is an incredibly strong belief that physical beauty is a sign of divine favor, a sign that Fate or the Universe or . . . ??? . . . is pleased with a person and that person’s family.

And as a result, that person will be blessed in school, work, love, marriage, etc., etc.

However, obsession with body image and beauty is never less than a killer in real life.

“Although the theorization of the impact of Western beauty standards for the Korean society is highly controversial, there has been convincing data which demonstrates this effect. There are rigid expectations for South Korean women to have large eyes and a thin, high nose bridge which is arguably a trait that is representative of Caucasian women . . . Countless studies depict the unfortunate psychosocial impact of these beauty standards . . . as South Korean women were found to have a higher risk of . . . dislike for their body . . . accompanied by depression, low self-esteem, and stress. As more women are exposed to media influence . . . the desire and standard to appear thinner becomes a social norm which also decreases body image in individuals.”


This right here : The Power of Makeup (Korean Commercial for Mom's Touch burgers) - YouTube



She put on her face and his shirt took it off. :rofl: :sunglasses: :laughing:


This is interesting as well, these girls are funny and natural :wink: I think their make up just embellished their features so without make up they still looked pretty much the same.
Would you remove your make up?


I’m DYING I’m DYING that is SO Funny!!!



I BELIEVE most of those tutorial on ‘‘make up magic’’ are fake bc BAD teeth can’t be fixed, and the first girl in the video had braces on her teeth, and the ‘‘gorgeous make-up girl’’ has no braces on her teeth (look video closely) #1 and #2 girl their teeth are very different. I’ll believe that magical change when I see them smile, and can confirm through their teeth if in fact, they are the same person.

PS. Also the make up can’t take extra pounds they have out of their face. A round face will stay round. That’s my laugh for the day.


This is Hucking Filarious : K-DRAMADDICTION | The Ann & Ben Show Ep 1 - YouTube

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet
Korean Drama Memes and Quotes

Outstanding, accurate, and oh-so-funny!


“Jesus take my screens” :rofl:
Hahaha I laughed at that.


This is wayyyy too good! :joy::joy::joy:


I feel bad for that second “ugly” actress. I’ve seen her in a few dramas and I really like her. I liked her character arc in Go Back Couple, though it must hurt to always be cast as the “ugly woman”.