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I bet if I google, or YouTube :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ It’ll be one of the nothings made from the newly joined Carpenter’s Class :rofl:


note #5 thats me all the way around!


I knew I was a Gardener, it’s in my blood, about those seeds, yea!:smile::joy::sob::rofl: @frustratedwriter, your#5 has nothing on my #4 :rofl:









Nature beats plastic :rofl: :deer::deer::deer:
and disco brat :robot: says I replied to you 3 times in this topic, I should consider replying to others as well… I should rather send you a PM :rofl:
Now this is called censoring :open_mouth::tired_face:




I did this past weekend! not funny!!




ok y’all heres another to brighten your day

its been 4 months now, broken arm, humerus, no pun intended

and what a trip it has been!!!



Your never fail to make me look down at my phone and smile, but I’m old school, :rofl::sob::joy::rofl: I keep an eye out for those poles.
Did you really hug the floor? Please tell me you didn’t! :worried: what with you saying?

I really hope not :pleading_face:


heres the thing… I fell in July, broke my arm upper arm, did the physical therapy, stayed at my brothers for at least 6 weeks, came back home, I can move my arm much better now, finished physical therapy last week. now you see the funny part of that one just wanted to hug the floor bit? and thats one reason why I did that depression link too, I felt so down and all, the laugh for the day has helped too. so thats it in a nut shell


heres another blonde one, just a reminder, I used to be one as well. so don’t fuss


Indeed, that’s how jokes work


That blond must’ve been very blond, I’m so dead laughing :rofl::joy::sob::rofl:


Being that I can’t add anything to my yarn page I will put this on here, and btw, my son came over this weekend and suggested that I get rid of my yarn, I

laughed so hard with this little picture, and yes sent it to my son!!





“Humor is a great way of engaging people, even if there is something a little sad underneath some of the pieces.” our years ago, Australian artist Michael Pederson began placing his lighthearted, humorous street art installations in unexpected places. Playing with the public space we often forget to look at, Pederson’s project Miguel Marquez Outside is a clever escape into the urban landscape.

“I can’t remember exactly what originally inspired me to do these outdoor projects, but it had been in the back of my mind for quite some time before I started,” Pederson tells My Modern Met. “I had a small drawing show a few years ago which featured images and text. One of the pieces was also placed in a more public context and seemed to work better that way. Placing something unexpected out on the street can have a powerful element of surprise. It really got me hooked, and I’ve wanted to explore street interventions ever since.”

Whether inspired by a particular space or object, or location scouting for a particular idea, Pederson’s installations are a perfect demonstration of how the best street art is tied to its context. His work takes passersby out of their familiar scenery and gives them a jolt, forcing them to look closer in order to have a chuckle.

From musing about the reasons people seem to throw their shoes on electrical wires to embracing themes of solitude, Pederson’s ironic art touches on universal concepts and questions. The artist hopes his work will provoke deeper thought about public space and how we can reconnect with our surroundings. “Humor is a great way of engaging people, even if there is something a little sad underneath some of the pieces. Hopefully, people will find something there to think about as well.”



there was more, but think this enough, just to get you to laugh


YT recommends:

I was not ready for that chorus :rofl: