Your laugh for the day


Gött nytt oor! Hyvä uutta vuotta! :slight_smile:



one thing I hope this will be a better year






I love coffee, and I’m glad it was baptized. No wonder I feel blessed every time I drink it. A GOOD cup of Coffee can really make your day, and I just had the best one. EL PILON done by my daughter. Nothing like a cup of coffee done by someone else’s hands: Exquisite!



I’m not one to brag - but I am proud to announce that I have walked EVERY day this year!
Just sayin’…



This was a very specific one, since I know the candy he gave them (he probably told them it was a sweet, which is wrong and evil :laughing:)

Btw, not all Dutch people like this :laughing:



That one is a no for me, a bit too realistic.


I agree but still thought it funny

here kitty here kitty

guess its kitty time today

Like I said “kitty” day

ok this has got to be the last one for the day


I bet the model thought that he should’ve just gone home :laughing:




imageThank goodness for seed catalogues. We can dream.


ok, this is for people that don’t live in the south USA of course, don’t know where else any crazy weather like ours