[2019/2020] Wishlist for fan channels/licenses (C Dramas)


link to VIKI’s request page

(so cool there will be a season 2 for Ashes of Love :two_hearts: )

⭐️🇰🇷 Upcoming K-DRAMAS 🔥 2020 🔥 🇰🇷⭐️ WANTED CHANNELS
⭐️🇰🇷 Upcoming K-DRAMAS 🔥 2020 🔥 🇰🇷⭐️ WANTED CHANNELS


Note: This is a new Chinese drama airing probably at end of 2019 (the listed drama on VIKI is Korean; almost same name)


Ice Fanatsy Dwstiny and Dear Archimedes


Might be interesting for those who liked Ice Fantasy (based on a novel from the same author) and screenwriter is the same who wrote the script for e.g. Listening Snow Tower, Ashes of Love… :slight_smile:


I was CM for the Fan Channel of Dear Archimedes and I’m still crossed, that the channel was deleted.


echt? das drama mit sehun? ich hab das nie hier gesehen





Would be amazing if viki added this chinses drama!!!


Its called Dragon day you’re dead


ist already has a fanchannel on VIKI :slight_smile:


please add following dramas:-


Animated Mo Dao Zu Shi
Love and Destiny
Princess Silver
Zhao Ge
Castle in the Sky (not new, but still a great series) – kind of a prequel to Novoland: Eagle Flag
Tribes & Empires (2017)
Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang’An
The Imperial Age
The Wolf
King’s Avatar
Handsome Siblings
The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Magnificent Five
First Sword of Wudang


kings avatar is netflix.
love ad destiny no licence anymore ;_;


Love and Destiny is uploaded on Youtube by the production studio/TV station, probably with English subs now.


Legend of Fei (Wang Yibo & Zhao Liying)
The Golden Hairpin
Killing of Three Thousand Crows
Love and Redemption
Doulou Continent live-action (Xiao Zhan)
Spirit Realm
And The Winner is Love


" Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions."
how to request Miss Truth 2020 drama?


The Legend of Mi Yue 2015

please support this drama.
Thanks VIKI.