An icon passed away today

Tina Turner died after a long illness in her home near Zurich in Switzerland, her publicist confirms
Tina Turner, whose volcanic voice and dynamic dance moves earned her the Queen of Rock crown over the course of a 60-year career, has died at the age of 83.

The legendary singer died after a long illness at her home near Zurich in Switzerland, according to PA.


I had friends who went to one of her concerts when she did her last tour, and they were all amazed by her. I couldn’t go back then, sigh.
She was a true legend, I remember that David Bowie helped her in the beginning of her solo career. Now, going to listen to two “heavenly” musicians. Sad, but I knew she was ill and had a kidney transplant from her husband. She will be unforgettable at least for my generation.


:heart: Love this! :blush:


RIP, Tina Turner. Certainly the “Queen of Rock n’ Roll.” Her energy on stage was unmatched, and those lucky enough to see her perform live were in for a real treat. I remember her fantastic comeback in the 1980’s. It’s amazing that she was able to have an even bigger solo career starting at age 45, running rings around other singers half her age. A true music legend.
My condolences to her family, her friends, and her fans around the world.


RIP Tina :candle:, I’m saddened to read this news, she was sick for a while, now she’s with the angels, but we are missing another valuable and memorable singer and entertainer, she appeared always happy and in good spirit. I do remember her in Mad Max movie, she was the leader there, I loved her there, her outfit too! All the good gang members are leaving… missing David Bowie too :sob:


Ed Ames, ‘Daniel Boone’ Star and Ames Brothers Singer, Dies at 95


Ed Ames, a member of the Ames Brothers singing quartet who starred in TV series “Daniel Boone” in the 1960s, died Sunday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 95.

Ed Ames and his brothers Vic, Joe and Gene had a hit with their version of “Rag Mop” in 1950. As a solo artist, he had hits with “Who Will Answer?,” “My Cup Runneth Over” and “Try to Remember.” In the 1950s, they had a syndicated TV program, “The Ames Brothers Show,” and 49 songs that charted before they broke up in 1963.

I sure didn’t know this about him

Although his background was Russian Jewish, Ames was cast several times as a Native American, and played Mingo, a Cherokee Indian character with a British father, for several seasons of the Fess Parker Western “Daniel Boone.”